Tolle Family Genealogy - Gen 6 - Jonathan
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Generation Six - The Jonathan Tolle Branch

Compiled by Thoren Tolle Meyers

Generation Six

JOHN TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

John Tolle, son of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle, was born 1 Dec 1791 in Fauquier County, Virginia. John is still something of a mystery. He served in the War of 1812 in the fifth Regiment of Virginia Militia, as a Private. It is possible that he is the same person who married Polly Arrington in Amherst County, Virginia on 12 Jun 1813. Their Security and Witness was John Phillips. If this was him, it could account for some of the earlier Tolle people that we haven't been able to place as yet. If this is so, Polly must have died before 1822, because John married on 1 Mar 1822 to Nancy Tolle in Lewis County, Kentucky. Nancy is believed to be the daughter of Mary (Dyson) and Micajah Tolle, but more proof is still needed there too. In 1827 John lived 12 miles east of Maysville, and was keeping a house of entertainment while working at the wagon makers trade. He gave this information in a letter dated 1827 to his cousins William and Alexander Tolle of Barren County, Kentucky. He was recorded on the 1830 census of Lewis Coounty, Kentucky, and on the 1840 census of Mason County. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between him and another older John Tolle in the same area. There are deeds in Mason and Lewis Counties which could pertain to him. He died 13 Oct 1846 in Lewis County, Kentucky and is buried at the Stone Lick Baptist Church Cemetery. At this time, nothing is really known of his descendants, but Nancy appeared on the 1850 census with these two girls.

  • SARAH G. TOLLE7 born about 1836, age 14 on the 1850 census.
  • FLORENCE TOLLE7 born about 1844, age 6 on the 1850 census.

JONATHAN TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Jonathan Tolle, son of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle, was born about 1793 in Virginia. Their ages indicate that he may have been a twin of James Tolle. His first wife was named Elizabeth, but her maiden name is still unknown. They probably married in the early 1820s. According to a letter that his brother John Tolle wrote to their cousins in Barren County, Kentucky, Jonathan was making plans to go to West Tennessee in 1827. In 1845 he stopped in Barren County to see those cousins on his way to visit his siblings in Upper Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. He was on the 1830 and 1840 census of Hickman County, Tennessee, and on a tax list for 1836. He was involved in a court action against William Beakley in 1838, and a witness in 1839 in a case of Lancaster vs Hicks. Elizabeth died before 1853. Jonathan was in Hardin County, Tennessee at the time of the 1850 census, and on 15 Dec 1853 in Lewis County, Tennessee, he married Mary Ann Sharp. She was born about 1826, and was the daughter of Milly (Mayfield) and Samuel Sharp. Over the years, he was involved with several deeds in Hickman County, and on 22 Jul 1872 in Perry County, Tennessee. He was in Hickman County on the 1860 and 1870 census. He was mentioned a couple of times in the history books of Hickman County. We don't know the exact date of his death, but Jonathan wrote his will on 3 Apr 1875, and it was probated Oct 1877. In his will he left everything to his second wife Mary Ann and the two children he had with her. Mary A. Tolle made bond as guardian of John W. and Clementine J. Tolle. The children of his first marriage were left one dollar each. Some lines of Jonathan's descendants now go by the Spelling TOLE.

The children of Elizabeth (?) and Jonathan Tolle were:
  • GEORGE W. TOLLE7 born ca 1823; married Elizabeth Skillern.
  • AMANDA TOLLE7 born ca 1823; died before 1875.
  • FRANCES TOLLE7born ca 1827; married Simeon Smith.
  • WILLIAM A. TOLLE (TOLE)7 born ca 1830; married Zurdicey "Dicy" Sharp.
  • JAMES J. TOLLE7 born ca 1834; died before 1875.
  • MARY JANE TOLLE7 married a man called Mathis, but was called Jane Matthews in her father's will.
  • ELIZA TOLLE7 she was called Eliza Walker in her father's will.
The children of Mary Ann (Sharp) and Jonathan Tolle were:
  • JOHN WESTLEY TOLLE7 born 14 Aug 1857; married 1st Margaret Unettie Harder; 2nd Eliza Joela Goza; 3rd Mrs Annie Lee Franks.
  • CLEMENTINE JOSEPHINE TOLLE7 born Jan 1860; married William Henry Sisco.

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JAMES TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan5; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

James Tolle, son of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle was born about 1793 in Virginia. He may have been a twin of Jonathan Tolle. On 18 Mar 1816, he married his cousin LOVEY H. TOLLE, daughter of Sarah (Tarleton) and Reuben Hampton Tolle. Their marriage took place in Mason County, Kentucky. Fifty acres of land on Crooked Creek in Lewis County, Kentucky was surveyed in his name on 31 Mar 1829, and he sold the land in 1832. By 1840 he was living in Brown County, Illinois, where he was on the 1840 & 1850 census, and on 1842 tax list. Then his name first appeared in the deeds of Grundy County, Missouri when on 11 Jan 1856 he purchased 160 acres for $560, of the NE Quarter of Section 35-Township 61- Range 24. He was listed as James Tolle of Brown County, Illinois, and on 20 Jun 1856 he bought another 160 acres of the same Section 35, SW Quarter. He is mentioned in several more deeds there through 1862. He was listed on the 1860 and 1870 census of Grundy County, Missouri. His will was written 14 Mar 1868, and recorded 2 Oct 1871. In only a few words, he left his entire estate to his wife Lovey. Lovey Tolle died 4 Aug 1874, and they are both buried in the Old City Cemetery at Trenton, Missouri. Their stone is broken, but the city of Trenton has seeded the entire cemetery to native grass, and it is impossible to locate those markers in the waist high grass.

  • HARRIET TOLLE7 born before 1820; married Howell F. Davis
  • NANCY TOLLE7 born 30 Nov 1824; married Hiram Green
  • STEPHEN O. TOLLE7 born ca 1827; married Angeline Barker
  • SARAH G. TOLLE7 born ca 1829; married Wesley E. Alexander.
  • (female) born between 1820-1830 as found on the 1830 census
  • JOHN TOLLE7 born 11 Jan 1832; married Sarah Elizabeth Barker
  • TARLETON TOLLE7 he was listed on the 1840 & 1850 census as insane. No further record for him.
  • CALEB TOLLE7 born 25 Nov 1837; married Elizabeth Genevive Cowhick.

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NANCY TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Nancy Tolle, daughter of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle was born about 1797 in Virginia. On 19 Mar 1816 she married James Applegate in Mason County, Kentucky. Bondsman was James Tolle, and witness was Laban Tolle. William gave written permission for her to marry. Nancy and her husband moved first to Rush County, Indiana where they were found on the 1840 census, and then by 1850 they were in Grundy County, Missouri. She was still in Grundy County in 1860, and probably died there.

The children of Nancy (Tolle) and James Applegate were:

  • THOMAS APPLEGATE7 born ca 1818; his wife's name was Mary.
  • JACOB APPLEGATE7 born ca 1820; his wife's name was Margaret.
  • JOSEPH APPLEGATE7 born between 1815-1820 as found on the 1820 census.
  • (female) APPLEGATE7 born between 1820-1825 as found on the 1830 census.
  • SAMUEL APPLEGATE7 born ca 1825; his wife's name was Rebecca.
  • (female) APPLEGATE7 born between 1820-1825 as found on the 1830 census.
  • WILLIAM APPLEGATE7 born ca 1826; his wife's name was Nancy.
  • SEREPTA J. APPLEGATE7 born ca 1826; married Morris McCameron.
  • (female)APPLEGATE7 born between 1825-1830 as found on the 1830 census.
  • (female) APPLEGATE7 born between 1830-1835 as found on the 1840 census.
  • (female) APPLEGATE7 born between 1830-1835 as found on the 1840 census.
  • JEMIMA APPLEGATE7 born ca 1837; no info after 1850.
  • AMANDA APPLEGATE7 born ca 1839; no info after 1850.

ELIJAH TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Elijah Tolle, son of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle, was born about 1800 in Virginia. He married on 29 Sep 1821 in Mason County, Kentucky to ELIZABETH TOLLE. They are related to each other, but her parentage is still unknown to us. They moved to Pickaway County, Ohio where he purchased lots 19 and 20 on 6 Mar 1829 and 3 Jul 1830. He was on the 1830 and 1840 census of Pickaway County, but at the time of the 1850 census, he was in Sangamon County, Illinois. He was listed as clergyman at that time. In April of 1862 he purchased land in Champaign County, Illinois. His death occurred before 1870 probably in Illinois. Elizabeth and their two adult children were in Greene County, Iowa for the census of 1870. It is not known when or where Elizabeth died.

The children of Elizabeth (Tolle) Tolle and Elijah Tolle were:

  • WILLIAM CHARLES TOLLE7 born 10 Feb 1827; married 1st possibly to a woman surnamed Creapeau; 2nd Mrs Mary Peck; and 3rd Mary Catherine White.
  • MARISSA TOLLE7 born ca 1839; married Allen Tilton.

For Descendant/Researcher of Elijah Tolle
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BENHAM TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Benham Tolle, son of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle, was born 20 Dec 1803 in Virginia. He was married on 23 Dec 1823 at Mason County, Kentucky to Nancy Applegate. Nancy was born 15 May 1808, the daughter of Hannah (Rummins) and Jacob Applegate. Benham served as bondsman when his sister Serepta Tolle married Staley Thomas in 1827. By 1830, the family had moved to Rush County, Indiana where he was found on the 1830 and 1840 census lists there. Benham died 29 Oct 1853 and is buried in the Hannegan Cemetery in Rush County, Indiana. Nancy died 2 Jan 1878 in Howard County, Indiana and is buried in the Allbright Cemetery in Kokomo, Indiana.

The children of Nancy (Applegate) and Benham Tolle were;

  • WILLIAM TOLLE7 born Oct 1822; married 1st Elizabeth Hyatt; 2nd Jane Eliza Bagwell.
  • LEVI TOLLE7 born ca 1826; married Nancy Moke.
  • JAMES TOLLE7 born ca 1827; no further info.
  • STRAWTHER TOLLE7 born ca 1829; married Mary Johns.
  • CAROLINE TOLLE7 born ca 1831; married 1st Jacobs; 2nd Haywood; and 3rd Barton.
  • ELVIRA TOLLE7 born ca 1833; married Jacob Sutton.
  • JONATHAN TOLLE7 born Apr 1834; married 1st Sarah Coffel; 2nd Margery/Maryana Rush.
  • LURETHA TOLLE7 born ca 1837; married John Sutton.
  • HENRY TOLLE7 born 10 Apr 1839; married 1st Sarah Louise Witson; 2nd Louise Witson; 2nd Minerva Witson; 3rd Meggie Smith.
  • ROBERT TOLLE7 born ca 1842; died 1855.
  • MINERVA TOLLE7 born ca 1844; married Benjamin Osborne.
  • PERMILLA TOLLE7 born 14 Jan 1847; married George W. Leisure Jr.
  • NANCY JANE TOLLE7 born ca 1849; married William H. Fleener.

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SEREPTA TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Serepta Tolle, daughter of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle, was born 1 Feb 1807 in Virginia, probably in Amherst County. She married Staley Thomas on 15 Dec 1827 in Lewis County, Kentucky. Staley was the son of Margaret (Metts) and Nathan Thomas. Their bondsman was Benham Tolle, Margaret Thomas gave consent, and William Tolle sent a certificate for Serepta. John Tolle, her brother, wrote in a letter to their cousins in Barren County, Kentucky that she had married a man named Thomas, and was living in Mason County, Kentucky. Staley Thomas died Nov 1881 and Serepta died 13 Apr 1890 and they are buried in the Maysville cemetery. Their tombstones says-"Staley Thomas b Feb 7, 1807 - d Nov 1881" and "Serepta , wife of Staley Thomas b Feb 1, 1807 - d Apr 13, 1890".

The children of Serepta (Tolle) and Staley Thomas were:

  • NANCY JANE THOMAS7 born ca 1822; married William Bramel.
  • JUDA E. THOMAS7 born ca 1830; no other info.
  • GREENBURG THOMAS7 born ca 1831; married Elizabeth Duvall; no other info.
  • WASHINGTON B. THOMAS7 born ca 1831; no other info.
  • CAROLINE THOMAS7 born ca 1834; no other info.
  • MARY F. THOMAS7 born ca 1838; no other info.
  • OSCAR B. THOMAS7 born ca 1840; no other info.
  • EMILY THOMAS7 born ca 1843; no other info.
  • LOUISA THOMAS7 born ca 1848; no other info.

WILLIAM TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

William Tolle, son of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle, was born 22 Jan 1813 probably in Amherst County, Virginia. There are discrepancies about his birth date, and each record is a little bit different showing this date as anywhere from 1809 to 1850. He married Phoebe Thomas in Mason County, Kentucky on 21 Jun 1834. Phoebe, born 6 Feb 1815, was the daughter of Margaret (Metts) and Nathan Thomas, and brother of Staley Thomas. William was the grantor in a deed of Mason County, Kentucky in 1841. He appeared on the 1840 census of Parke County, Indiana. He was in Howard County, Indiana in 1850. By 1860 he had moved to Grundy County, Missouri, and was still there in 1870. There are deeds in his name in Grundy County. Sometime after 1870 he moved again, this time to Clay County, Nebraska. He was on the 1880 census there, and also on the 1885 State census. William died 13 Mar 1891 in North Platte, Nebraska at the home of his daughter Sarah Jane Prall. His obit says he was 78 years old, yet his tombstone says he was 82 years, 2 months, and 20 days at death. He and Phoebe are buried in the Eller Cemetery in Clay Center, Clay County, Nebraska. It is now an abandoned cemetery. There are also some conflicts regarding the death of Phoebe (Thomas) Tolle. One source says she died Aug 1894, but her tombstone, which was extremely hard to decifer, appeared to read 1887. There are some biographical notes and a photo of William and Phoebe in a Galt, Missouri History.

The children of Phoebe (Thomas) and William Tolle were:

  • CYNTHIA ANN TOLLE7 born 7 Oct 1835; married Henry Coffel.
  • ELIJAH TOLLE7 born 29 Aug 1837; married Susanne Hedley/Headley.
  • BENHAM/BENJAMIN TOLLE7 born 17 Sep 1839; married 1st Rachel Coffel; 2nd Mary Fisher.
  • JULIA ANN TOLLE7 born 20 Nov 1841; married George Sulser.
  • MARSHALL TOLLE7 born 14 Apr 1844; married 1st Rachel Constant.
  • DANIEL TOLLE7 born 20 Nov 1847; married 1st Lucy Jane Cowhick; 2nd Mrs Martha A. (Cohln) Rooks.
  • JOSEPH LEWELLYN TOLLE7 born 20 Aug 1850; married Nancy S. Price.
  • SARAH JANE TOLLE7 born 24 Feb 1852; married John Prall.
  • MARY P. LULU TOLLE7 born 4 Jul 1856; probably died before 1860.
  • JAMES ELLIS TOLLE7 born 10 Aug 1858; married Susanna Sumner.
  • ELLEN TOLLE7 born 8 Feb (after 1860); married 1st Lafayette Neal; 2nd a man named Reitan.
  • GEORGE HENRY TOLLE7 born 8 Feb (after 1860); died in infancy.

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ANDERSON TOLLE6 (William5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Anderson Tolle, son of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle, was born about 1816 and probably in Amherst County, Virginia. He married on 28 Dec 1842 in Mason County, Kentucky to Louisiana Rees, daughter of Albert Rees. His name was on a grantor deed in 1840, and he was on the 1850 census of Mason County, Kentucky. Very little is known of him, and it is believed he died between 1850-1860, and his family moved to LaSalle County, Illinois soon after that.

The children of Louisiana (Rees) and Anderson Tolle were:

  • JEROME B. TOLLE7 born 16 Oct 1843; he married a woman named Marsella.
  • NANCY A. TOLLE7 born about 1845
  • MARY E. TOLLE7 born about 1847
  • WILLIAM A. TOLLE7 born about 1850

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