Tolle Family Genealogy - Gen5 - Jonathan
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Generation Five - The Jonathan Tolle Branch

Compiled by Thoren Tolle Meyers

Generation Five

SUSANNAH TOLLE5 (Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Susannah Tolle, daughter of Jonathan Tolle, may have been born about 1768. She was the only grandchild mentioned in her grandfather's will, although she was not the only grandchild he had at the time he wrote his will. There was a Susannah Tolle on the tax roll of Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia) for 1805. This is diffucult to understand if she is the same Susannah Tolle who married John Henderson before 1791. The date of her death is unknown.

The children believed to belong to Susannah (Tolle) and John Henderson were:

  • JOHN T. HENDERSON6 born about 1791 in Berkley County, Virginia. During the War of 1812 he was a Private in the Company of Capt. Archibald Means in the Regiment of Virginia Militia commanded by Col. Armistead Mason. He volunteered at Leesburg on or about 17 Jul 1814 for three months and was honorably discharged 8 Oct 1814, and he received warrants for his service. On 7 Jan 1814 he married Mary Duncan/Dunkin in Loudoun County Virginia. He died 19 Jun 1855 at Darkesville, Berkley County, Virginia (now West Virginia). He had 8 known children. Only one line has been traced down at this time.
  • TARLTON T. HENDERSON6 born about 1794. He served in the War of 1812 under Capt George W. Humphreys Company of Virginia Rifles, General Hungerfords Brigade at Charlestown, Virginia. He was married to his cousin Jane J. Jackson on 6 Sep 1824. He had 3 known children (no further information)
  • CHARLES W. HENDERSON6 at his death he left a widow and six minor children who's names are unknown (no further information)
  • FRANCES HENDERSON6 married Daniel Haines before 1836 (no further information)
  • SAMUEL HENDERSON6 he had 1 known son, Charles Henderson (no further information)

NOTE: Although one descendant believes this is an accurate record, I advise caution with this line because a lot more evidence is needed.

WILLIAM TOLLE5 (Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

William Tolle, son of Jonathan Tolle, was probably born about 1769 in Virginia. He was on the tax list of Fauquier County, Virginia wih his father for the years 1790-1791, and the personal property lists for the years 1792-1803. William signed marriage bonds for three of his brothers in Fauquier County, Micajah in 1797, Reuben in 1798, and Jonathan Jr in 1798. He was also a co-signer on the marriage bond of John Runels & Caty Philips on 14 Oct 1794. William was married 19 Oct 1790 to Diana Benham in Fauquier County, Virginia. The marriage bond was made on the same date. The bondsman was James Battson and they were married by John Monroe. Diana was the daughter of Margaret (Fowler) and John Benham.

William and Diana can be found in deeds of Amherst County, Virginia 1804-1806, and he was on the 1810 census there. There was a William Tolle on the tax list of Mason County, Kentucky for 1815-1820 and again 1823-1825. This causes some confusion because he was still on the census for Amherst County, Virginia in 1820. Perhaps he owned property in Kentucky while he was still in Virginia.

Diana may have died at the birth of their son Anderson about 1816, because in Mason County, Kentucky on 21 Dec 1816 William Tolle married Rosanna Lamar. She was the widow of James Lamar, and her maiden name was Rosanna McGlothlin. Their bondsman was Bernard McLothlin. (the name may have been McLaughlin) At the time of this marriage, William signed a pre-nuptial agreement which said "Rosanna is to hold all property that she has at this time to bequeath or give it, anytime she pleases and William has no right to same by marrying her"

In Mason County, William was a witness to the marriage of George Robuck and Mary McLauglin. He was shown as father when Benham Tolle married Nancy Applegate. He signed the bond for the marriage of Elijah Tolle to Elizabeth Tolle in 1821, and he was listed as father in the marriage of Serepthey Tolle to Stally Thomas in 1827.

William may have lived his last years in Fleming County, Kentucky where he paid taxes for his step-son in 1821. A Rosannah Tolle paid taxes there in 1829. He probably died between 1827 and 1829.

The children of Diana (Benham) and William Tolle were:

  • JOHN TOLLE6 born 1 Dec 1791; married NANCY TOLLE, believed to be the daughter of Micajah & Mary (Batson) Tolle; he may have been the John Tolle who married Polly Arrington earlier in Amherst County, Virginia.
  • JONATHAN TOLLE6 born about 1793 in Virginia; married 1st Elizabeth (maiden name unknown); married 2nd Mary Ann Sharp. He went to Tennessee.
  • JAMES TOLLE6 born about 1793 in Virginia (possibly a twin of Jonathan); married his cousin LOVEY H. TOLLE, daughter of Reuben Hampton & Sarah (Tarleton) Tolle. He went to Illinois, and died in Missouri.
  • ELIZABETH/BETTIE TOLLE6 born probably in the mid 1790s. She was mentioned in an 1827 letter from her brother John Tolle to their cousins William and Alexander Tolle. According to that letter she was called Bettie, and was married to a man named Powell. A search of census records has not produced any more data about her.
  • NANCY TOLLE6 born 1797; married James Applegate.
  • ELIJAH TOLLE6 born about 1800; married ELIZEBETH TOLLE. It isn't known yet where Elizabeth fits into the Tolle family. He went to Illinois.
  • (a male)6 born about 1800 as listed in the 1810 census. One possibility is HENSON S. TOLLE.
  • BENHAM TOLLE6 born 20 Dec 1803; married Nancy Applegate. He went to Indiana
  • SEREPTA TOLLE6 born 1 Feb 1807; married Staly Thomas.
  • (a female)6 born between 1800-1810 as listed in the 1810 census. One possibility is PHOEBE TOLLE.
  • WILLIAM TOLLE6 born 21 Jan 1813 probably Amherst County, Virginia; married Phoebe Thomas. He went to Indiana and Missouri, and died in Nebraska.
  • ANDERSON TOLLE6 born about 1816 probably in Amherst County, Virginia; married Louisiana Rees

MICAJAH TOLLE5 (Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Micajah Tolle, son of Jonathan Tolle, was probably born about 1770 in Virginia. He first appeared with his father on the personal tax rolls of Fauquier County, Virginia in 1791 & 1793, then alone in 1798. He was married 21 Dec 1797 to Mary/Polly Batson, daughter of Margry Wood. The bond was signed by William Tolle, and the marriage was performed by John Monroe.

Micajah was in Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia) on the tax rolls for 1804-1909. He sgned a marriage bond on 17 Feb 1806 for James West and Elizabeth Dyal in Harrison County. His signature on that document was "Cajy Tole".

Micajah may have died about 1810, perhaps in Lewis County, Kentucky. Polly Tolle was on the tax list for Lewis County, Kentucky for 1810-1812; It is believed that she was the same Mary Tolle who married Elijah Harn on 14 Feb 1814 in Lewis County, Kentucky.

In calculating that Micajah and Mary married in 1798 and he may have died about 1810, it seems likely that they may have had several children. Although none of them can be proven to date, it is believed that they did have a daughter named Nancy Tolle who married John Tolle.

Child believed to be the daughter of Mary/Polly (Batson) and Micajah Tolle was:

  • NANCY TOLLE6 born about 1804; married 1 Mar 1822 in Lewis County, Kentucky to JOHN TOLLE, son of William & Diana (Benham) Tolle. She appeared on the 1850 census of Mason County, Kentucky.

REUBEN HAMPTON TOLLE5 (Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Reuben Hampton Tolle, son of Jonathan Tolle, was born 18 May 1772. He has been found on some records as "Hampton" Tolle. He was married on 15 Mar 1798 at Fauquier County, Virginia to Sarah Tarleton. The marriage bond was dated 13 Mar 1798 and also signed by William Tolle. The ceremony was performed by John Monroe. Sarah was born 9 Sep 1777 in Maryland. She was the daughter of Elizabeth (Taylor) & John Tarleton.

Reuben's name apppeared on the Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia) tax records for 1803-1809. That record also said he was gone from there by 1809.

Other records show that he was in Lewis County, Kentucky at least by 1806 when he was bondsman at the marriage of Wm. Tarleton & Delia Magruder. He was fined $1 on 3 Nov 1807 for not attending muster in the 69th Regiment Kentucky Militia, Capt John Phillips Company. Some descendants of Reuben Hampton have been told that he served in the Revolutionary War. But it is important to note that the Revolutionary War extended from 1774-1784, making him much too young over that duration. However, it is very likely that he may have served in the War of 1812.

Also in 1807, the tax books show that he owned 27 1/2 acres on Cabin Creek. In 1810 he was on both the census and the tax rolls for Lewis County. On 23 Dec 1810 he was witness to the marriage of Joseph Tolle & Charlotte Bean. He was also bondsman at the marriage of Sophia Tarleton & Rev Benjamin Hill and he was bondsman on 18 Mar 1816 for the marriage of his daughter Lovey Tolle to James Tolle (son of his brother William), all in Lewis County, Kentucky. He hasn't been found on any 1820 census. His name is shown on an 1831 survey in Lewis County for his brother Jeremiah.

The 1830 census showed that he had moved to Brown County, Ohio. The date of the death of Sarah (Tarleton) Tolle is not known, and we do not know where she is buried, but her death occurred before October 1836. It was on 28 Oct 1836 that Reuben married Hannah Truesdale, widow of John Truesdale. Their bondsman was Charles W.C. Tolle, and they were married in Lewis County, Kentucky by Mason Owens. Hannah's maiden name was Mackey.

He was called Hampton on an 1840 voter list of Greene Twp, Adams County, Ohio, but he had probably gone to Illinois by then, where on 8 Apr 1839 he bought 40 acres of land in Brown County, Illinois at $1.25 per acre for a total of $50.00. This land was located on Section 8 - Township 2S - Range 2 West. Reuben was on the 1840 census of Brown County, Illinois, and on the 1842 tax list there. He was dead before the 1850 census, and Hannah was listed in Brown County with their four children. We don't have a record of where he is buried.

The Children of Sarah (Tarleton) and Reuben Hampton Tolle were:

  • (a female) born about 1800 as found in the 1810 census. It is possible that she could be ELIZABETH TOLLE.
  • LOVEY H. TOLLE6 born 20 Jan 1800; she married JAMES TOLLE. He was her cousin, son of William Tolle.
  • CHARLES WESLEY C. TOLLE6 born 29 Feb 1804; married Charlotte Taylor. (He was best known as C.W.C. TOLLE)
  • JOHN S. TOLLE6 born about 1805; married Lydia Gifford, but he may have had a wife before her.
  • (a male) born before 1810 as found in the 1810 census. One possiblility is HENSON G. TOLLE
  • REUBEN H. TOLLE6 before 1810; married Margaret Eades; died before 1859. (This is not proven and is based only on the circumstantial evidence at this time)
  • (a female) born betweeen 1800-1810 as found on the 1810 census
  • CALEB JARVIS TAYLOR TOLLE6 born about 1815; married 1st Mary Wheeler; married 2nd Frances Deck; married 3rd Mary Brown. (He was best known as C.J.T. TOLLE)
  • GEORGE HENRY TOLLE6 born 31 Mar 1817; married Mary Elizabeth Eades.

The children of Hannah (Mackey Truesdale and Reuben Hampton Tolle were:

  • NANCY MELISSA TOLLE6 born 5 Nov 1837 Mason County, Kentucky; Mason County, Kentucky; married George Washington Wilgus Sr.
  • JAMES THOMAS TOLLE6 born 9 Mar 1840 Brown County, Illinois; married 1st Jane DeWitt; married 2nd Lydia (Baldwin) DeWitt
  • LERENA TOLLE6 born about 1844 Brown County, Illinois; married Jacob Wisecup. One child ISADORE WISECUP.
  • ANDERSON TOLLE6 born about 1849 Brown County, Illinois. He was on the 1850 census of Brown County, Kentucky at age one year, but nothing further is known about him.


JONATHAN TOLLE Jr5 (Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Jonathan Tolle Jr, son of Catharine (Hampton) and Jonathan Tolle, was probably born about 1779. He may have been the Jonathan Tolle listed with Weathers Smith on the 1800 tax list of Fauquier County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Henderson in Fauquier County, Virginia. The bond was dated 23 Jul 1798 and William Tolle also signed the bond. Elizabeth Henderson was the daughter of Anny/Amy (Evans) and Samuel Henderson. Elizabeth died before 1807. it is believed she and Jonathan had at least one child.

Jonathan Jr was in Mason County, Kentucky before 1807 when he married again on 16 Jun 1807 to Henrietta Harm/Harn. She was the daughter of Elijah Harn. Jonathan was in Mason County, Kentucky by 1810 when he appeared on the census record, and on the 1810-1811 tax rolls. He was a surety on the marriage bond of Isaac Ravencraft & Cordelia Hurr in 1816 Fayette County, Kentucky.

After that, they moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky where Jonathan appeared on the 1820 census, and on the tax rolls there for 1820-1830. On 20 Oct 1829 he co-signed the bond for the marriage of his son Winslow Parker Tolle to marry Elizabeth Bradley. He was still in Bourbon County in 1830.

Sometime after that, he moved again, this time to Harrison County, Kentucky where his name was on the 1839-1851 tax list. He was in the 1840 census of Harrison County, Kentucky, and again in 1850. The 1850 census is the last record we have for him. It lists him as age 73. He signed all documents by making an "x" as his mark.

Henrietta died in 1851 and is buried at Oddville Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery in Harrison County, Kentucky, and is is assumed that Jonathan is buried there also.

Based on the early census records, Jonathan Jr had a large family. It is uncertain how many of these children he may have had by his first wife, Elizabeth Henderson. This record shows that Winslow Parker Tolle was son of Jonathan Jr and Henrietta Harn, but because we do not know the birthdate of Winslow is not fully proven which wife is his mother.

The children of Elizabeth (Henderson) and Jonathan Tolle Jr were:

  • CHARLES GRANDISON TOLLE6 born about 1799 probably Virginia; He married and had at least three children in Indiana, but nothing more is known about him.

The children of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle were:

  • WINSLOW PARKER TOLLE6 (some descendants took TOLL or TOLE spelling) born between 1800-1810; married 1st Elizabeth Bradley; married 2nd Malinda Hughes; married 3rd Sarah J. Hall. He went to Missouri
  • (a female) born between 1804-1810 as found on the 1810 census.
  • ELIJAH H. TOLLE6 born about 1811; married Sophia D. Gray.
  • JONATHAN TOLLE III6 born 27 Nov 1815; married 1st Sarah Ann Tomlinson; married 2nd Martha Loney; married 3rd Elizabeth Frances Scroggin.
  • JOHN RAY TOLLE6 (took TOLL spelling) born about 1819. He went to Indiana.
  • DANIEL or D.H. TOLLE6 born about 1820; no further information about him.
  • (a female) TOLLE6 born between 1810-1820 as found on the 1820 census.
  • WILLIAM H. TOLLE6 born 22 Nov 1822; married Mary Ross.
  • DENTON G. TOLLE6 born 22 Oct 1824; married Nancy Annis Keziah Whitaker.
  • AMELIA ELLEN TOLLE6 born about 1830; married Benjamin A. Whitaker.
  • (a male) TOLLE6 born between 1825-1830 as found on the 1830 census.

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