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CHARLES WESLEY C. TOLLE6 (Reuben Hampton5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Charles Wesley C. Tolle, son of Sarah (Tarleton) and Reuben Hampton Tolle, was born 29 Feb 1804. He married Charlotte Taylor on 19 Nov 1827 in Lewis County, Kentucky. Charlotte, born 4 Nov 1807, was the daughter of Thomas Taylor. Charles was listed as C.W.C. Tolle on many of the records, and also as Charles W. on some. He was in Mason County, Kentucky for the 1810 census, and he was listed as Chs. W.C. Toole on the 1830 census of Hamilton County, Ohio. He acted as bondsman for his father's second marriage in 1836. Soon after he moved his family to Brown County, Illinois where he appeared on the 1840 census, and an 1842 tax list. From then on, he was consistently on the census records of Brown County through 1870, and on the State census of 1865. He was a farmer, and on 28 Mar 1837 he purchased 80.50 acres of land, at $1.25 per acre in Brown County. The land was located in Section 4, Township 25, Range 2 West. C.W.C. Tolle died 2 Jul 1875 in Brown County, Illinois and he is buried in the Tolle Burial Ground on the Southwest Quarter of Section 33 in Cooperstown Township. His will was written 31 May 1873 and probated 19 Jul 1875. Charlotte died 29 Sep 1885. It is possible that Charlotte's middle name was Temple, as she was listed as Charlotte Temple Tolle on her probate record.

The children of Charlotte Temple (Taylor) and Charles Wesley Tolle were:

  • JOHN WILSON BOYD TOLLE7 born 2 Sep 1828; married Sarah Ann Cesna.
  • SARAH ELIZABETH BARKER TOLLE7 born 5 Oct 1829; died 11 May 1830.
  • REBECCA JANE TOLLE7 born 19 May 1831; married Milton H. Alexander.
  • NANCY ANN MELVIN TOLLE7 born 3 Jun 1832; married Benjamin Wilson.
  • CHARITY MARY TOLLE7 born 20 Feb 1835; married Franklin Clark.
  • JEMIMA ANGELINE TOLLE7 born 30 Sep 1836; married Sylvester DeWitt.
  • SYRENA LOUISE TOLLE7 born 8 Dec 1838; died 28 Nov 1855.
  • HENRIETTA FREEMAN TOLLE7 born 23 Feb 1840; married Strother Marion Lung.
  • GEORGE HARRISON MARION TOLLE7 born 1 Sep 1841; married 1st Lutitia McBride; 2nd Cynthia Ann Cox; 3rd Mary E. Garrison.
  • MARGARET SARAH TOLLE7 born 3 Ocat 1843; married Thomas O. Black.
  • CHARLOTTE ARETTA TOLLE7 born 12 Feb 1845; died 29 Nov 1852.
  • MARY ELIZABETH TOLLE7 (twin) born 9 Feb 1847; died 3 Dec 1852.
  • ANN ELIZA TOLLE7 (twin) born 9 Feb 1847; died 30 Nov 1852.
  • AMERICA COOK TOLLE7 born 11 Nov 1848; married Simon Peter Leitner.
  • COLUMBIA ALICE TOLLE7 born 7 Sep 1851; died 24 Nov 1852.

For Researcher/Descendants of Charles Wesley C. Tolle
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JOHN S. TOLLE6 (Reuben Hampton5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

John S. Tolle, son of Sarah (Tarleton) and Reuben Hampton Tolle, was born about 1805. Data indicates that he may have had a first wife about 1826, because of the birthdate of his oldest son, but no absolute proof has been found to date. (Caution: that Perry P. Tolle is his son or the existance of a first wife is still unproven) He was married on 24 Nov 1828 in Adams County, Ohio to Lydia Gifford. Lydia was born about 1807, daughter of Catherine (?) and Pickle Gifford. In 1827, he signed as a witness to the marriage of Harriet Tarleton and James Ware. The 1830 census of Brown County, Ohio shows him living near his father, but then he appeared on the Greene Township, Adams County, Ohio tax lists for 1833-1834, and on an 1837 voter list for that county. Before 1840, John as well as most of the family of Reuben Hampton Tolle had moved to Brown County, Illinois. He was on the 1840 census there, and on an 1842 tax list. But in all subsequent census through 1880, he was enumerated in neighboring Schuyler County. On the different census records, his occupation is listed as school teacher and farmer. He is listed as a grantor on a deed in 1859. We don't know the date of death of Lydia (Gifford) Tolle, but on 30 Aug 1865, he married a widow, Mrs Roxie Wade, and was appointed guardian of his new step-sons in 1866.John S. Tolle died 1 Sep 1884, and Perry P. Tolle was the administrator of his estate.

The child of an unknown first wife and John S. Tolle was: (Remember that this a theory that still needs much more proof)

  • PERRY P. TOLLE7 born 15 Aug 1827; married Nancy A. Shields.

The children of Lydia (Gifford) and John S. Tolle were:

  • POWHATTAN P. TOLLE7 born ca 1830; he served in the Union Army in the Civil War in Company H., 1st California Regiment of Infantry. He enrolled in San Francisco 17 Aug 1861 and mustered out in Las Cruces, New Mexico on 31 Aug 1864. There is no record of a pension, and no trace of him has been found after 1864.
  • REUBEN HAMPTON TOLLE7 born 26 Feb 1834; married 1st Emily Lang; 2nd Sarah Jane Mercer.
  • LEHMAN A. TOLLE7 born ca 1838; he served in the Civil War and he was on the Militia list for Bainbridge Township for 1861 and 1864; He served in Company K. 137th Illinois Infantry and Company G. 73rd Illinois Infantry, as a Private. No pension record has been found, and no record of him after the war.
  • SARAH K. TOLLE7 born about 1840; married Horace Wade.
  • WILLIAM H. TOLLE7 born about 1842; listed on the 1860 census as "Idiotic fits". No further information.
  • JOHN S. TOLLE Jr7 born 3 Feb 1849; married 1st Caroline Wright; 2nd Jennie M. (Johnson) Phillips.

For Descendant/Researchers of John S. Tolle
please see Tolle Cousin - #62

Last correction/update 13 May 2000.

REUBEN H. TOLLE6 (Reuben Hampton5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Reuben H. Tolle is believed to be the son of Sarah (Tarleton) and Reuben Hampton Tolle. This has not been positively proved and is being based on only a few pieces of data but it is the general belief. If this is the relationship for a fact, then it may also be assumed that he is Reuben Hampton Jr. But the facts are that Reuben H. Tolle married on 2 Jun 1841 in Cass County, Illinois to Anna Margaret Eades. In 1859 in Schuyler County, Illinois an obit says

"Margaret Tolle died at the residence of her father William Eades on Tuesday the 27th of September of Billious Fever, Mrs Margaret Tolle, widow of Reuben H. Tolle, in the 36th year of her age. She was a member of the M.E. Church and trusted in her Savior. Her friends are comforted in their bereavement with their assurance of her acceptance with God."
It is believed that she is the Anna Margaret Eades from the marriage record. It is not known when Reuben died. In 1850 in the home of William Eades there is a young woman named Margaret. It could be assumed she is listed as an Eades, but there is also a seven year old child named Sarah E. Tolle in this house. The obit of Margaret does not mention leaving a child, but it is thought that Sarah E. Tolle was her daughter. This is obviously a family in need of more research.

The one child believed to be the daughter of Anna Margaret (Eades) and Reuben H. Tolle was:

For Descendant/Researchers of Reuben H. Tolle
See Tolle Cousins- #10

CALEB JARVIS TAYLOR TOLLE6 (Reuben Hampton5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Caleb Jarvis Taylor Tolle, known often as C.J.T. Tolle, born about 1815, was the son of Sarah (Tarleton) Tolle and Reuben Hampton Tolle. The names Caleb and Jarvis have shown up in the records, but the Taylor is still speculation. He married Mary C. Wheeler on 16 Mar 1838 in Schuyler County, Illinois. On 22 Feb 1854, he purchased two pieces of land for a total of 120 acres at $1.25 per acre in Madison County, Illinois. He was listed on the 1840 census of Schuyler County as Calib J.T. Toole. C.J.T. Tolle was a Methodist Minister, and records indicate that he was in several counties over the years, Champaign County in 1847, Coles County in 1849, Moultrie County 1849-1850, and he was sent to Salem in Marion County in 1851-1852. Mary (Wheeler) Tolle died 19 Sep 1853 at Jamestown in Perry County, leaving four young children. He married again in Madison County on 16 Feb 1854 to Frances Deck. They had three more children before Frances died sometime between 1867-1874. He married for a third time to Mary Brown, and they added another four children to his family. C.J.T. moved around so much, it is no wonder that he hasn't been located on either the 1860 or the 1870 census, but he was on the 1880 census of New Douglas Township in Madison County. He made another land purchase on 11 Dec 1879, this time in Marion County, Illinois. It was for 42.49 acres at $6.00 per acre. He was mentioned in a biography of his son George W. Tolle, and his son Arthur A. Tolle. He spent over 15 years in the Methodist Ministry. He filled pulpits at Vernon, Champaign, Olney, Salem and other points in Illinois, and was also a builder and organizer of churches as circuit rider. During the Civil War he was a volunteer religious worker, preaching and performing other services in army camps. He was also a member of the Masonic Fraternity, and a Republican.

The children of Mary C. (Wheeler) and Caleb Jarvis Taylor Tolle were:

  • NORRIS H. TOLLE7 born ca 1842; served in the Union army in the Civil War in Company E. 10th Missouri Infantry. No other information.
  • SARAH J. TOLLE7 born ca 1848; no other data except that she may have married a man named Sharer, based on the fact that two spinster sisters (Lovie & Kate) raised a niece by that name.
  • GEORGE WESLEY TOLLE7 born 19 Oct 1849; married Mary Esther Newberry.
  • WHEELER T. TOLLE7 born Nov 1852; married Mattie R. Lenir (spelling uncertain).

The children of Frances (Deck) and Caleb Jarvis Taylor Tolle were:

  • LOVIE A. TOLLE7 born Dec 1857; never married; lived with her sister Kate in Shawnee County, Kansas.
  • WILLIAM H.S. TOLLE7 born 1861; married Edith M. Allen.
  • KATE TOLLE7 born May 1867; never married; lived with her sister Lovie in Shawnee County, Kansas. Together they raised a niece Margurite Sharer.

The children of Mary (Brown) and Caleb Jarvis Taylor Tolle were:

  • ANNIE MAY TOLLE7 born Sep 1874; married I.H. Wilton.
  • ELLA FAY TOLLE7 born Nov 1876; married Henry Oglesby.
  • ARTHUR A. TOLLE7 born 17 May 1878; married Willie M. Smith; no children. They lived in Butte, Montana and he was the subject in a Montana History.
  • EMILY R. TOLLE7 born Jul 1887; married Charles H. Gerkin.

GEORGE HENRY TOLLE (Reuben Hampton6; Jonathan7; Roger7; Tobias7; Roger7)

George Henry Tolle, son of Sarah (Tarleton) and Reuben Hampton Tolle, was born 31 Mar 1817 at Mason County, Kentucky. One biography says he was born 9 miles east of Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky. He was raised there on the farm and received an education in the common schools. He married on 2 Nov 1834 to Mary Elizabeth Eades. She was born 5 Nov 1817, the daughter of Elizabeth (Van Cupp) and William Eades. They left Kentucky to reside in Schuyler County, Illinois, and were listed on the census of 1850 and 1860 there. He is shown as grantor of two deeds in Schuyler County for the years 1859 and 1864. Sometime before 1870 he decided to join others of his siblings in moving to Grundy County, Missouri, where he bought a nice farm of 100 acres in southwestern part of the twonship. On the deed books of Grundy County, Missouri his name is found on a deed in 1870, and a quit claim in 1874. His occupation was listed as farmer and cooper and he can be found on the 1870 and 1880 census of Grundy County. He died on 30 Aug 1889 at the age of 72 years, of Angna Pectora. Mary (Eades) Tolle died 2 Aug 1890. They are buried in the Tolle Cemetery in Grundy County, Missouri.

(note from Thoren: Many years ago, someone in the Grundy County area gave out erroneous info that has been repeated over and over. George Tolle was not named O'TOLLE. This is false information and needs to not be repeated. When I contacted that person over 25 years ago she did not know the parents of George H. Tolle and had no documentation for the false claim that the name was O'Tolle)

The children of Mary Elizabeth (Eades) and George Henry Tolle:

  • (male) TOLLE7 born ca 1835; died in infancy.
  • FRANCES LOUISE TOLLE7 born 27 Aug 1836; married John H. Bryant.
  • WILLIAM C. TOLLE7 born 29 Oct 1838; died Feb 1859.
  • CHARLES WESLEY TOLLE7 born 26 Jun 1841; married Mary Elizabeth Sebastian.
  • MOSES CLAMP TOLLE7 born 17 Jan 1844; killed in the Civil War at age 19, served in Company A. 10th Missouri Infantry.
  • JAMES F. TOLLE7 born 17 Mar 1846; married Miranda Sebastian.
  • SAMUEL S. TOLLE7 born 18 Jul 1848; married Sarah Augustine Perry.
  • MARY ELLEN TOLLE7 born 22 Jan 1853; died 1 Apr 1859.
  • JOHN C. JARVIS TOLLE7 born 15 Oct 1854; married Sarah Lane Crawford.
  • JULIET ISADORE TOLLE7 (twin) born 21 Mar 1857; married John M. Spraul.
  • GEORGE W.H. TOLLE7 (twin) born 21 Mar 1857; died 1 Jul 1860;
  • MARY ELLEN MARGARET TOLLE7 born 31 May 1860 married William Edward Mace.
  • ABRAHAM LINCOLN TOLLE7 born 17 Aug 1862; married Hortense Payne.

For Descendant/Resecearchers of George Henry Tolle
See Tolle Cousins- #6 and - #61

NANCY MELISSA TOLLE7 (Reuben Hampton5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Nancy Melissa Tolle, daughter of Hannah (Mackey) and Reuben Hampton Tolle, was born 5 Nov 1837 at Mason County, Kentucky. Nancy Melissa Tolle and George Washington Wilgus Sr were married by Francis McConnel on 16 Dec 1856 in Brown County, Illinois. George was born 14 Aug 1836, the son of Elizabeth (Icenogle) and Henry Wilgus. He died 7 Jun 1871 and Nancy died 17 May 1900 at Mt Sterling, Illinois, and they are buried in the Logan Creek Cemetery in Brown County, Illinois.

The children of Nancy Melissa (Tolle) and George Washington Wilgus Jr were:

  • WILLIAM H. WILGUS7 born 29 Sep 1859; married Nancy M. Wright.
  • MELISSA WILGUS7 born 11 Nov 1860; never married; died 11 May 1935.
  • MINER H. WILGUS7 born 23 Apr 1862; died 29 May 1870.
  • LORENZO H. WILGUS7 born 9 Sep 1863; died 30 Jun 1864.
  • ANNE WILGUS7 born 25 Nov 1864; died 14 Sep 1868.
  • HANNAH ELIZABETH WILGUS7 born 6 Nov 1866; married Benjamin Franklin Phillips.
  • GEORGE WASHINGTON WILGUS Jr7 born 15 Apr 1868; died 15 Sep 1869.
  • ISADORA L. WILGUS7 born 22 Dec 1869; married Theodore S. Routh.

JAMES THOMAS TOLLE6 (Reuben Hampton5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

James Thomas Tolle, son of Hannah (Mackey) and Reuben Hampton Tolle was born 9 Mar 1840 near Damon, in Pea Ridge Township, in Brown County, Illinois. He married Jane DeWitt on 25 Dec 1864. Jane was the daughter of Elizabeth (Taylor) and Benjamin Franklin DeWitt. The ceremony was performed by Richard Marrs. He was a farmer, and his name is shown in the deed books a couple of times. James and Jane had eleven children. Jane (DeWitt) Tolle died on 3 Jun 1886, at the age of 41. James married again on 26 Feb 1889. His new wife, Lydia (Baldwin) DeWitt, was born 9 May 1862 in Schuyler County. She was the widow of his first wife's brother, John Franklin DeWitt, and the daughter of Mary Ann (Martin) and James Baldwin. James and Lydia added four more children to the family. James died 16 Jul 1912, and he and his first wife Jane are buried in Cooperstown Cemetery, Section 23, in Brown County, Illinois. Lydia married again on 30 Jan 1919 to J.W. Hampton, and a fourth time to Alfred Burnett about 1926. She died in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois on 31 May 1937.

The children of Jane (DeWitt) and John Thomas Tolle were:

  • (male) TOLLE7 born 27 Nov 1865; died in infancy.
  • ALMIRA JANE TOLLE7 born 28 Jan 1867; married William M. Archer.
  • MARSELUS HAMPTON TOLLE7 born 5 Sep 1860; married Mary Elizabeth DeWitt.
  • JAMES EDWARD TOLLE7 born 30 Nov 1870; married Martha Ellen Logsdon.
  • LILLIAN MAE TOLLE7 born 2 Mar 1872; married James Riley Davis.
  • (male) TOLLE7 born 20 Oct 1873; died in infancy.
  • (female) TOLLE7 born 2 Dec 1875; died in infancy.
  • HELEN ELIZABETH TOLLE7 born 17 Feb 1877; married Robert J. Taylor.
  • HANNAH ELLEN TOLLE7 born 21 Mar 1879; married Fred Lashbrook.
  • MELVIN MONROE TOLLE7 born 18 Mar 1881; married Anna Myrtle Simpson.
  • SARAH CATHERINE TOLLE7 born 24 Apr 1884; never married; died 11 May 1952.

The children of Lydia (Baldwin) DeWitt and John Thomas Tolle were:

  • HOMER DEAN TOLLE7 born 19 Dec 1889; died 23 Dec 1889.
  • AMANDA OLIVE TOLLE7 born 22 Feb 1891; married Charles Wesley Kindrick.
  • INEZ MELISSA TOLLE7 born and died 3 Apr 1895.
  • IRVIN GLENN TOLLE7 born 24 Jan 1896; married Jenny Bell.

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