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WINSLOW PARKER TOLLE6 (Jonathan Jr5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Winslow Parker Tolle, son of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle Jr, was born between 1800-1810, probably in Mason County, Kentucky. It is commonly believed that he was the son of Henrietta Harn but Jonathan's first wife Elizabeth Henderson has not been eliminated either, mainly because we do not know the exact birthdate of Winslow. The family moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky, and that is where Winslow Parker married Elizabeth Bradley on 20 Oct 1829. His father signed the bond with him, both making their mark. Elizabeth's parents are still undetermined, but there is a possiblity that her father was either Elisha or Layton Bradley. Soon after this marriage, they showed up on the 1830 census of Pike County, Missouri. They had four children, and then before 1840 Elizabeth died. Winslow was on the 1840 census of Pike County, Missouri as one male with 4 male children. On 12 Nov 1840, in Pike County, he was married again to Malinda Hughes. They were married by J.H. Hughes, Minister. His name appeared as Towl on this record. Malinda was the daughter of Mary (?) amd John Hughes. Winslow was on of six bondsman for the estate of his father-in-law, John Hughes in 1846. He moved to Pike County, Illinois sometime before 1850 where he was on the census. The two Pike Counties are opposite each other, separated by the Mississippi River, which is the state line at that point. Malinda and Winslow had six more children between 1851-1854. She died before 1854. Winslow married once again, this time on 6 Jun 1857 to Sarah J. Hall in Pike County, Missouri. The service was performed by Benjamin F. Jacobs JP, and on this record his name is spelled Toll. Two more children were added to his family. Winslow hasn't been located on the 1860 or 1870 census as yet, but the minor children of his second marriage seemed to have been scattered after the death of Melinda. Some were found in Warren County, Illinois in the homes of other people. After no trace for many years, Winslow turned up on the 1880 census of Livingston County, Missouri. He was listed as age 88 (should have been about 71) in the home of his son William, suffering from Apoplexy. He died on 11 Oct 1881 at Jamesport, in Daviess County, Missouri. He is buried in the Gee's Cemetery, in the Southwest part of Grundy County, Missouri. His tombstone is adorned with a Masonic emblem. When this compiler visited that cemetery in the Summer of 1987, I found many broken stones, and the one belonging to Winslow Parker Tolle was broken off, and lying nearly buried under the grass. Some biographical notes give his occupation as a farmer, buyer and seller of livestock, and saw mill worker. He was a member of the Christian Church. On 27 Dec 1898, his widow Sarah J. filed for a widow's pension for his service in the Indian Wars. It said that he served in Capt. Douglas's Missouri Militia and Capt. Loncoln's 4th Illinois Volunteers, but there are no dates of service shown on this record. The claim says that he died 3 May 1882. There are many conflicts in the records regarding the birth and death dates for Winslow, and his age at death. Some branches of his descendats go also by the TOLE and TOLL spellings.

The children of Elizabeth (Bradley) and Winslow Parker Tolle were:

  • JONATHAN LAYTON TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 18 Sep 1830; married 1st Lydia Matilda Barney; 2nd Sarah Elmira Applegate.
  • JAMES HENRY TOLLE (TOLE)7 (twin) born 12 Oct 1834; married Harriet Richards.
  • JOHN HENRY TOLLE7 (twin) born 12 Oct 1834; he may have been the one who married Mary Peters; was said to have gone to California.
  • MILTON TOLLE7 born ca 1836; one record says he died as a young man; no further info.

The children of Malinda (Hughes) and Winslow Parker Tolle were:

  • WILLIAM RILEY TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 20 Nov 1841; married Mary Ellen Birdsall.
  • ELIZABETH A. TOLLE7 born ca 1844; married William Strother.
  • HENRIETTA TOLLE7 born 9 Sep 1849; married Stephen W. Mattison.
  • LUKE M. TOLLE (TOLE)7 born 2 Dec 1850; married Mary Jane Dungan.
  • MARY ELLEN TOLLE7 born 13 Oct 1851; married William Marion Hooten.
  • OLIVE TOLLE7 her mother died soon after her birth, and she was raised by another family; no further info.

The children of Sarah J. (Hall) and Winslow Parker Tolle were:

  • LYDIA J. TOLLE7 born ca 1858; unmarried at age 51; no data after 1910.
  • PARKER W. TOLLE7 born ca 1859; unmarried at age 50; no data after 1910.

For Descendant/Researchers of Winslow Parker Tolle
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ELIJAH H. TOLLE6 (Jonathan Jr5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Elijah H. Tolle, son of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle Jr, was born about 1811. Although it is strongly believed that he was the son of these parents, more proof is still needed. In Franklin County, Kentucky, there is a deed for him dated 19 Oct 1848. He hasn't been located by name on the 1850 census, but he was listed in the 1860 and 1870 census of Franklin County, Kentucky. In 1870 he was listed as age 59, and a cabinetmaker. Nothing further is currently known of him or his family.

The children of Sophia D. (Gray) and Elijah H. Tolle were:
(Note that this family was created from the 1860 census records)

  • JOSEPH G. TOLLE7 born ca 1841.
  • JAMES TOLLE7 born ca 1843.
  • JOHN TOLLE7 born ca 1846.
  • MARY E. TOLLE7 born ca 1849.
  • SOPHIA H.E. TOLLE7 born 19 Jun 1852.
  • HARRIS J. TOLLE7 born 19 Feb 1856.

JONATHAN TOLLE III6 (Jonathan Jr5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias3; Roger1)

Jonathan Tolle III, son of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle Jr, was born 27 Nov 1815 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. On 8 Jun 1834 in Fayette County, Kentucky he married Sarah Ann Tomlinson. The bond was dated 7 Jun 1834. Sarah Ann, born 4 Aug 1818, was the daughter of William Tomlinson, who gave his consent to her marrige. Jonathan was on the 1840 census of Fayette County, Kentucky. He and Sarah had eight children, but Sarah died of Cholera on 22 Jul 1849. The funeral was on 23 Jul 1849 at their home on Spring Street between Maxwell and Cedar in Lexington, Kentucky. Jonathan remarried on 2 Dec 1849 to Martha Loney. He was on the 1850 census of Fayette County, and the 1860 for Mercer County, Kentucky. He and Martha had six more children before she died on 4 Nov 1862. His third marriage was to Elizabeth Frances Scroggin on 25 Aug 1864. In 1870 they were living in Franklin County, Kentucky. Jonathan and Elizabeth added six more children to the family. Jonathan died of Typhoid Fever on 12 Aug 1877, at the age of 61 years. Most of his descendants use the TOLL spelling. Jonathan is the father of the second largest family that I have recorded in the Tolle Family history. Unfortunately many of his children died in childhood.

The children of Sarah Ann (Tomlinson) and Jonathan Tolle III were:

The children of Martha (Loney) and Jonathan Tolle III were:

  • LEWIS CASS TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 4 Nov 1851; married Mary Alice Baxter.
  • SAMUEL DAVIS TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 24 Nov 1852.
  • JOHN BRECKENRIDGE TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 25 Jan 1855; died 10 Apr 1855.
  • CATHERINE TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 28 Feb 1856; married Marcus McDuffy.
  • MARY TOLLE (TOLL)7 born and died 1858.
  • HUGH TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 26 Jul 1860; married Delia Anne Taylor.

The children of Elizabeth Frances (Scoggin) and Jonathan Tolle III were:

  • MADISON BELL TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 9 Sep 1865; married Betty White.
  • JOHN LIAL TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 14 Jul 1867; died 12 Oct 1889.
  • LUELLA TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 1 Mar 1869; married a man named Carr.
  • WILLIAM THOMPSON TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 16 Mar 1871; died 14 Jun 1889.
  • HENRY FRANKLIN TOLLE (TOLL)7 born 21 Dec 1872; died 1947.
  • GEORGE LUTHER TOLLE (TOLL)7 born Nov 1874; wife's name was Mary.

For Descendant/Researchers of Jonathan Tolle III
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JOHN RAY TOLL6 (Jonathan Jr5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

John Ray Toll, son of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle was born about 1819 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He married in Bourbon County on 6 Mar 1846 to Jane McGuire. (one record called her Jane McCalister). He was found on the 1830 census of Bourbon County, Kentucky, and the name was erroneously spelled TOLEZ. He moved to Hamilton County, Indiana and was on the census from 1860-1880. Jane died 30 Sep 1869, and John married Sarah Smith on 16 May 1870 in Hamilton County, Indiana. She had been married first to a man nemed Seigle, and had a daughter named Lizzie Seigle. John was a plasterer by trade. Sarah died 24 Apr 1874, and John married for a third time to Eliza A. Garner on 8 Apr 1874 in Hamilton County. This was her second marriage. John died 23 Apr 1899, and is buried in the Crowland Cemetery in Hamilton County. His obituary said that he was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky and went to Indiana in the early 1850s. He was married three times, and had eight children by his first wife and two by his second. Only four survived him. His will was dated 12 Jul 1895 and proved 5 May 1899. It was witnessed by Wesley White and William E. Dunn. He named his third wife and his living children, plus a grandson by his wife as his heirs. His widow, Eliza died on 27 Nov 1915. John and his family appeared with the TOLL spelling in all records. (See the obituaries of John & Eliza)

The children of Jane (McGuire) and John Ray Toll were:

  • NANCY ELLEN TOLL7 born 1 Oct 1846; married Isaac Carter Kenworthy.
  • HENRIETTA TOLL7 born ca 1849; married Michael Landrigan.
  • JOHN FRANKLIN TOLL7 born 12 Aug 1852.
  • JOHN I. TOLL7 notn vs 1859; died between 1880-1895.
  • JAMES EDWARD TOLL7 born ca 1862; died 31 Jan 1908.
  • WILLIAM H. TOLL7 born ca 1864; wife's name was Lillie.

The children of Sarah (Smith) and John Ray Toll were:

  • MARY J. TOLL7 born 1871; married Elmer Anderson.
  • MARY E. TOLL7 born and died 17 Apr 1874.

WILLIAM H. TOLLE6 (Jonathan Jr5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

William H. Tolle, son of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle Jr, was born 22 Nov 1822, probably in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He married on 8 Jul 1844 in Bouron County to Mary Ross, known as Polly. They settled in Harrison County, Kentucky before 1850, and were on the census there consistently from 1850 through 1880, and on the tax records too. The records show that he was a farmer. He died 23 Nov 1892, and he is buried in the Oddville Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Harrison County, Kentucky. Mary died 8 Mar 1897, and her burial was at the Bever Baptist Church Graveyard in Harrison County.

The children of Mary (Ross) and William H. Tolle were:

  • SARAH J. TOLLE7 born ca 1845; married James White.
  • MARY M. TOLLE7 born 30 Nov 1849; never married; died 23 May 1871.
  • JOHN THOMAS TOLLE7 born Sep 1834; married Clara Pease, but divorced.
  • ELIZA ELLEN TOLLE7 born ca 1857; married John T. Cronin.

DENTON G. TOLLE (Jonathan Jr5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Denton G. Tolle, son of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle Jr, was born 22 Oct 1824 probably in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He married Nancy Annis Keziah Whitaker 20 Aug 1845 in Brown County, Ohio. They were married by Squire Thomas Shelton. (the bible gave the date as 14 Aug 1845) She was born 12 Feb 1828, the daughter of Peter Whitaker. They lived in Harrison County, Kentucky. Denton was on the tax lists there, and on the 1850 & 1860 census records. It is unknown when Denton died, but Nancy died on 14 May 1876.

The children of Nancy Annis Keziah (Whitaker) and Denton G. Tolle were:

  • MARY CATHERINE TOLLE7 born 24 Jun 1846; married James Crow Beckett.
  • MARTHA F. TOLLE7 born 22 Feb 1848; never married; died 3 Jun 1881.
  • MARGARET A. TOLLE7 born 12 Apr 1850; married Robert H. Fowler.
  • NANCY ELIZABETH TOLLE7 born 16 Sep 1852; died Nov 1852.
  • SARAH E./SARAH JANE TOLLE7 born 31 Oct 1853; married David/Daniel Nichols.
  • JAMES ARCHIBALD TOLLE7 born 4 Dec 1855; wife's name was Sally Ann.

AMELIA ELLEN TOLLE6 (Jonathan Jr5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Amelia Ellen Tolle, daughter of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle Jr, was born about 1826, probably in Bourbon County, Kentucky. She married on 18 Dec 1842 in Brown County, Ohio to benjamin A. Whitaker. They were married by Squire Thomas Shelton, who was often referred to as the "Marrying Judge", but they had a second ceremony in Harrison County, Kentucky on 12 Jan 1843 which was performed by John R. Whitaker. At the present time, the death dates of Amelia and Benjamin are unknown. Very little is known about this family, and it has been constructed for this record by using the 1860 census.

The children of Amelia Ellen (Tolle) and Benjamin Whitaker were:

  • STAMPER WHITAKER7 born ca 1844.
  • BETTIE WHITAKER7 born ca 1845.
  • JOHN WHITAKER7 born ca 1847.
  • DENTON WHITAKER7 born ca 1849.
  • PINDELL WHITAKER7 born ca 1851.
  • SIMEON MC WHITAKER7 born 20 Mar 1852.

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