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IN THE CIVIL WAR 1861-1865

In this terrible war, there were Tolle descendants on both sides. The list for Confederate soldiers is a small one. If you have a direct descendant of Roger Tolle who is known to have been a part of this war, regardless of what the surname was by then, I would like to add him to this list. Please share.

==== This list is currently under construction ====


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TOLLE, P.H. - Company H., 2 Florida Infantry. Private-Private.  [ Patrick Henry Tolle, born 13 Jul 1820, son of Mary/Polly (Turner) & William Tolle. Resided Barren County, Kentucky. Died Winter of 1861-62 at Yorktown VA and buried at Wyoming Mills VA]


TOLLE, Shelby C. - Company G., 36 (Villepigues) Georgia Infantry. Private-Private. Also listed as Shelby C. Tolls.  [He may be the Shelby C. Tolle who was born Dec 1838, son of Ruth (Sharp) and William T. Tolle. See also S.C. Tolle under the Mississippi listing]


TOLL, Charles R. - Company I, 2 Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Private. [It isn't yet proven, but he may be Charles Robert Toll, born 4 Jun 1843, son of Sarah Ann (Tomlinson) & Jonathan Toll III.]

TOLL, Thomas - Company F., 8 Kentucky Cavalry. Lieut.-Lieut.  [Currently Unidentified.]

TOLLE, James P. - Company F.E., 6 Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Private-Musician. Another record says he was a member of the 1st KY Brigade, better known as the "Orphan Brigade". He was in many battles and wounded at the Battle of Entrenchment Creek.  [James Powell Tolle, born 28 Nov 1831, son of Mary Bromboc (Rogers) & Alexander Roger Tolle. Resided Barren County, Kentucky.]

TOLLE, John S. - Company F.E., 6 Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Private-Private. Another record says he was a member of the 1st KY Brigade, better known as the "Orphan Brigade".  [, born Jan 1840 son of Catherine (Neagle) & Silas S.Tolle. Resided Barren County, Kentucky]


TOLE, William - Company H., 1 Louisana Heavy Artillery (Regulars). Private.  [Unidentified]

TOLLE, Ferdinand - Company A., 20 Louisiana Infantry. Private-2nd Lieutenant.  [Unidentified]

TOLLE, Jacob - Company B., 3 Louisiana Infantry. Private-Private. [Unidentified]


TOLL, D.S. - Company --, 7 Mississippi Cavalry. No ranks given.[Unidentified]

TOLLE, J.C. - Mississippi Conscripts. No ranks given. [Unidentified]

TOLLE, S.C. - Capt Englishes Company, Mississipi 1 Artilery. Private-Private.  [Unidentified, but see TOLLE, Shelby C. listed under Georgia.]


SEVIER, M.N. - Greens Missouri Cavalry. [
Moses Nimrod Sevier, born 8 Feb 1844, son of Catherine Jane (Tolle) & George Washington Sevier. Resided in Shelby County, Missouri. Great-grandfather of Sheridan Brandon Drowatzkey.]

TOLLE, A.L. - Company A., 3 Missouri Infantry. Corporal-Sargeant. Also listed as Allen Tole.  [ Allen Livingston Tolle, born 14 Jan 1853, son of Mary Ann (Snoddy) & Samuel Bell Tolle. Resided in Ray County, Missouri.]

TOLLE, Wilson B. - Company E., 3 Missouri Cavalry. Private-Private.  [ Wilson B. Tolle, son of Frances Ann (Debell) & Lewis Dudley Tolle. Resided in Shelby County, Missouri.]


TOLE, W.J. - Company C., 13 Battalian, North Carolina Light Artillery. Private-. Original file under Tolar, W.J. [Unidentified]


TOLL, N.S. - Company F, 2 Texas Infantry. Corporal-Sargeant. [Unidentified]

TOLL, Samuel G. - Company G, 7 Texas Infantry (Greggs Regiment). Private. [Unidentified]

TOLLE, E. - Company F., 36 Texas Cavalry (Wood's Reg't 32 Cav). Private. [Unidentified]

TOLLE, Harry - Company F., 28 Texas Cavalry. Private-Private. [His parents were born in Germany.]

TOLLE, Nat W. - Company A, 9 Texas Cavalry (Sim's Reg 4th TX Cav). Private-Private.  [ Nathaniel Washington Tolle, born 5 Oct 1838 in Lewis County, Missouri, son of Sidney (Mallory) and Nimrod D. Tolle. Resided Denton County, Texas. Great-grandfather of Thoren Tolle Meyers.]

TOLLE, N.D. - Company K, 29 Texas Cavalry (DeMorse's Regt). Private-Private.  [ Nimrod D. Tolle, born about 1814 in Fauquier County, Virginia, son of Cloe (Culverhouse) & George Tolle Jr. Resided Denton County, Texas. Great-great-grandson of Thoren Tolle Meyers.]

Do you have a Confederate ancestor to share with us????

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