Of St Mary's County, Maryland and Fauquier County, Virginia

His Ancestors and His Descendants

Compiled by Thoren Tolle Meyers

My name is Thoren, and my maiden name was Tolle. This is a genealogy that I put together after more than twenty-five years of collecting Tolle data. I was the founder and editor of THE TOLLE FAMILY EXCHANGE newsletter for fourteen years (May 1984- March 1998). With the generous sharing of family data by our members added to my own research, many pieces of the Tolle puzzle have come together. But, as with any other family history, there is still a lot more to be learned about our Tolle family.

This genealogy was originally printed in serial form in THE TOLLE FAMILY EXCHANGE newsletter.

Please be patient as this is will always be a work in progress.

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Roger Tolle3 is not the first of this family in America, but he is the one who has the most complete family from which we can launch our search for Tolle descendants. He was the grandson of the first ancestor of this family, Roger Tolle1 who arrived in Maryland in 1670.

Roger Tolle3 His Ancestors (Tobias2; Roger1)

Roger Tolle3 Of St Mary's Co MD and Fauquier Co VA

His Descendants - Generation 4

This genealogy will continue by following down the lines of three of the sons of Roger Tolle3. They are Jonathan, Roger Jr, and George Tolle.

Generation 5 - or 6 - or 7 - The Jonathan Tolle Branch

Generation 5 - or 6 - or 7 - The Roger Tolle Jr Branch

Generation 5 - or 6 - or 7 - The George Tolle Branch

About Generation 7 - This generation is really huge and I will only be able to add them randomly for the Tolle Cousins. If you want to have your 7th generation ancestor added and aren't listed in the TOLLE COUSINS ROLL CALL please contact me. We would like to have you join us.

Sources of Information - Sources used for six generations

Some Documents - Wills, Deeds, and much more.

Old Obituaries - Will you share yours too please?

Tolle in the Military - A place to record our Veterans of all wars.

Here is where I'll put the Tolle stuff that I don't know what else to do with, like comments, record breakers, myths, origins, and more.

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