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I have collected many old Tolle Obituaries over the years and plan to share some of them here. These items came to me in various forms. Sometimes as the original clipping, or a photocopy of the original. Sometimes they were retyped, and many times the name and place of the newspaper wasn't recorded and still others don't show the dates. I even have two or three that have a couple of mice bites out of them :)

I have made no attempt here to correct spelling or other errors. But please remember that you can't beleive everything you read in the newspaper :)

I hope you will share your old obits with the rest of us. You can reach me via my e-mail or at my Postal address:

Thoren Tolle Meyers
1320 San Bernardino Road
Space #1
Upland CA 91786-4933.

All obituary contributions are very much appreciated. Thanks so much


This list is for maiden names or descendants with names other than Tolle.


Anna Belle (Wilson) Tolle, Adams County, Ohio Apr 1937

Bertha (Satterfield) Tolle, Ohio 1971
Bessie Lee (Tolle) Boyd Short, Adams County, Ohio Jul 1972

Carey David Tolle, Adams County, Ohio April 1974
Charles Edward Tolle, Adams County, Ohio 28 Apr 1983
Charles H. Tolle, Adams County, Ohio 1963

Daisy Gertrude (Thornton) Tolle, Long Beach, California January 1954
Dorse Norman Tolle, Adams County, Ohio 3 November 1996

Edna Faye (Caplinger) Tolle, Adams County, Ohio 9 February 1994
Eliza A. (Garner) Toll, Hamilton County, Indiana November 1915
Elizabeth Genevieve (Cowhick) Tolle Harper, Hunter, Okla Aug 1918
Eva May (Ehrogott) Tolle, Peoria, Illinois November 1991

Flossie Maye (Tolle) McDaniel Moore, Adams Co OH Mar 1996
Francis Marion Tolle, Mason County Kentucky January 1912

Harriet Susan (Tolle) Harper, Beaver County, Oklahoma Apr 1950
Herman Leonard Tolle, Adams County, Ohio January 1979

James Ellis Tolle, Bayard, Nebraska September 1919
James F. Tolle, Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri January 1925
James Virgil Tolle, Illinois June 1942
John Tolle, Decatur County, Kansas February 1900
John Arthur Tolle, Adams County, Ohio 17 Jul 1990
John Ray Toll, Hamilton County, Indiana April 1899

Lucy Jane (Cowhick) Tolle, Sullivan County, Missouri October 1902
Lurena (Wallace) Tolle, Adams County, Ohio July 1916

Mack Coy Tolle, Long Beach, California December 1946
Marshall Tolle, Clay County, Nebraska 1923
Mary Belle Tolle, Adams County, Ohio Nov 1916
Minnie Agnes (Tolle) Barney, Adams County, Ohio November 1967
Miranda Ellen (Shaw) Tolle, Long Beach, California October 1928

Nancy A. Malinda (Tolle) Brown, DeWitt County, Illinois December 1906
Nancy Dorcus (Tulley) Tolle, Mason County, Kentucky October 1914
Nathaniel Washington Tolle, Long Beach, California June 1902
Nimrod Beverly Tolle Stephens County, Texas August 1905

Ora Stephen Tolle, Mt Pulaski IL & Adams Co OH Jan 1921

Sarah C. Tolle, Vanceburg, Kentucky May 1914
Sarah Elizabeth (Tolle) Bryant, El Reno, Oklahoma April 1905
Sarah Ellen (Tolle) Humphrey Ohio, November 1934
Stephen A. Tolle, Adams County, Ohio Jul 1933

Violet Geneva (Setty) Tolle, Adams County, Ohio April 1997

William Tolle, Henry County, Iowa September 1894

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