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This Documents section started out to be just for the typed copies of some of the documents I have in my files, mostly wills and deeds and it will be growing as fast as I can get more ready.

Recently I have come across a great site that is scanning and putting up actual documents for anyone to use, called Source Documents On-line. I have become a regular contributor as I glean my old Tolle Family Exchange Newsletter files. I have already sent a lot of Tolle related documents to them and they are availabe to view now. These are documents that have been shared with me by very generous Tolle descendants over the last 25 years.

Please visit this site, and then maybe you will consider contributing xeroxed copies your own scannable documents to them too. You can e-mail the documents direct if you have that capablity, or contact them for their snail mail address and send them by post. The people who operate this site are very nice people to work with and they appreciate the items they receive.

Source Documents On-Line Search here for the Tolle related documents that I have submitted, and share yours if you will.

Will of Roger Tolle1 - 8 November 1708, St Mary's County, Maryland.

Will of Roger Tolle3 - 2 February 1778, Fauquier County, Virginia.

Deed of Roger Tolle3 - 21 March 1767, Fauquier County, Virginia.

Deed, heirs of Roger Tolle3 - 24 September 1787, Fauquier County, Virginia.

More will be added as time and energy permit.

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