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This is meant to be a fun page to show
which Tolle descendant did the most of something

This page is under construction big time. I have only had time to put up a beginning before I leave on vacation. If you have any record breakers in your tree please share.

Those who lived 100 years or more

108 years -- Lucy Ann (Nichols) Ward born 12 Feb 1872 in Barren County, Kentucky and died 1980 in Barren County, Kentucky, daughter of Cynthia A. (Tolle) and Byrd W. Nichols.

104 years -- Marion Glenwood Tolle, aka Glen, born 24 Oct 1893 Grundy County, Missouri and died 24 Apr 1997 in Grundy County, Missouri.

100 years - Florence Marie (Logan) Tolle born 25 October 1888 in Kansas and died 23 August 1989 in Dayton, Ohio. Widow of Vance William Tolle.

These are Tolle descendants who were married for 50 years or more before one of them passed away.

72 years -- Eldora May (Tolle) and Meurl Wood Johnson married 11 February 1917 in Grundy County, Missouri.

72 years -- Florence Marie (Logan) and Vance William Tolle married 31 March 1910 in Franklin County, Ohio.

66 years --Lucy Ann (Nichols) and W.Sewell Ward married 8 December 1897 in Barren County, Kentucky.

60 years -- Leatha Maxine (Campbell) and Forrest Rollie Earl Tolle married 25 Jul 1931 in Clay County, Missouri.

60 years -- Nancy A. (Shields) and Perry P. Tolle married 8 April 1851 in Fulton County, Illinois.

55 years -- Oretha Mae (Jonas) and Armon Thornton Tolle married 22 April 1929 in Santa Ana, Orange County, California.

(Special Note: A lot of our Tolle descendants celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversaries. I would love to list them all here. But I won't list any who are still living today unless I have their permission.)

Which Tolle descendants had the most children?

12 or more

(I haven't worked on that yet. Do you want to nominate someone?


27 children -- William Tolle of Barren County, Kentucky by 2 wives (between 1806-1848). (15 by Mary/Polly Turner and 12 by Martha Jane Snoddy) They had 27 total, 19 lived to be adults.

21 children -- Jonathan Toll III of Franklin County, Kentucky by 3 wives (between 1835-1874). (8 by Sarah Ann Tomlinson; 6 by Martha Loney; and 6 by Elizabeth Frances Scroggin.) They had a total of 20, 5 died in early childhood.

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