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Everyone has heard interesting stories from their older family members. These stories can be helpful when you decide to trace the family, but often they are a mixture of things they probably heard from their parents, and many times they turn out to be a combination of several family members. If the tales aren't accompanied by documents of proof, then it is up to you to either prove or disprove the information. There may be lots of clues there though. You can use these clues to go after the documents you need.

Do you have these kinds of stories in your Tolle family??

Let's expose the myths and the wrong information that is being passed along. I have found some that have not only been passed down, but also put into print. That is really scary. The next person comes along and copies all that junk and adds it to their own records without first proving it, and it goes on and on. Let's expose those dreaded myths once and for all.

Myth #1 - This one is from my Tolle family. I went on a few wild goose chases when I first started hunting down my ancestors. One of the stories in my own Tolle family was that our Tolle family was French. My Dad and aunts didn't know anything at all about their grandfather, except that they insisted that he was French. They also insisted that he came to California in the Gold Rush. Even after I pointed out that he was only eleven years old in 1849, they were still sure it was true. It took me quite a while to learn that he actually came out here in 1874, a married man with four children already. And, I never did find any French ancestors in anywhere my family tree.
(This ancestor is Nathaniel Washington Tolle7; Nimrod D. Tolle6; George Tolle Jr5; George Tolle Sr4; Roger Tolle3; Tobias Tolle2; Roger Tolle1.)

Myth #2 - Back in 1975 I wrote to a lady in Grundy County, Missouri about her Tolle family. At that time I hadn't gone back too far with my own, and her husband's didn't seem to connect to mine. She told me that she only knew the name of the grandfather, but she claimed that the name was O'Tolle and the grandfather changed it to Tolle. Later, when I knew that this wasn't so, I wrote and told her. No response. The sad part about it is that this has gone into print. I have been contacted several times by people who are looking for the O'Tolle family in Grundy County, Missouri. This mis-information is being perpetually passed on as truth. On a trip to Trenton, Missouri a few years ago, I left some charts and notes about this branch of the family at the genealogy section of the city library. However, the story still goes on. So now whenever someone contacts me looking for their O'Tolle family, I know exactly who they are looking for.
(The Tolle who was the victim of this myth is George H. Tolle6; Reuben Hampton Tolle5; Jonathan Tolle4; Roger Tolle3; Tobias Tolle2; Roger Tolle1.)

Myth #3 -

Here is a link to a page with some interesting topics, including one called Family Legends, True or False. How do you solve them? It gives ideas on how to research these family stories.

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