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These people are Tolle Puzzles too, but, instead of trying to find a missing link to the Tolle family for them, we need to find out whatever happened to them. They were there, and then they were gone.

Index: (dates refer to time they were found in the records)

  1. Emmanuel Clay Tolle - Kentucky to Missouri to Colorado - 1836-1891
  2. George W. Tolle - Fauquier Co VA to Greene Co TN - 1790-1819.
  3. Charles Grandison Tolle - Posey/Gibson Co Indiana - 1830-1834.
  4. James Tolle - Fauquier Co VA to "New Purchase" (PA?) - 1750-1787.

EMMANUEL CLAY TOLLE6; (Mathias Tolle5; George Tolle Sr4; Roger Tolle3; Tobias Tolle2; Roger Tolle1.)

Emmanuel Clay Tolle, son of Prudence (Davis) and Mathias Tolle was born about 1836 in Lewis County, Kentucky. He appeared in the 1850 census of Lewis Co with his parents at age 14. He was on the Lewis County tax lists for the years 1858-1860. In 1859 he accidentally killed a man named Holliday. It was investigated, but he wasn't charged. In 1860 he was still living in Lewis County. He was enumerated in that census in the household of his brother George M. Tolle. He was living in Andrew County MO on 18 Feb 1861 when he gave Power of Attorney to his brother Hammond to dispose of his interest in his father's estate. The next record was a deed on 14 Nov 1877 which lists him as "of Pueblo Colorado. In the 1870 census of Pueblo, Colorado, there is an Elias C. Tolle. This may have been him. On old query found at the Mason Co KY Historical Museum asks "Emmanuel Clay Tolle b 1836, Maysville KY, moved to Pueblo CO at age 27. Was a cattle rancher, married a Pennsylvania girl in CO." The last record found was a marriage of an E.C. Tolle to Emma Powell on 12 Oct 1811 in Fremont CO. The groom was age 54 and the bride age 32.


GEORGE W. TOLLE5; (Stephen Tolle4; Roger Tolle3; Tobias Tolle2; Roger Tolle1.)

George Tolle, born about 1799 and probably in Fauquier Co VA, was son of Ann (Crosby) and Stephen Tolle. He was an infant when his father died. His mother remarried to Daniel Jackson and they moved to Greene County TN. In 1811, at about the time he would be coming of age, he is found in the deed books of Lewis County, KY, disposing of 2000 acres of land that had been granted years earlier to his father. At that time he was listed as "of Greene County, Tennessee". It is possible he became a minister, as there was a G.W. Tolle, minister in Greene County TN and performed at least one marriage there in 1817. A George W. Tole served in 2nd Regiment (Lillard's) East Tennessee Volunteers. Rank Ensign. He was on the tax lists of Greene County for the years 1813-1816. He sold a slave named Lucy to A. Sevier in 1819. That is where the trail ends.


CHARLES GRANDISON TOLLE6; (Jonathan Tolle Jr5; Jonathan Tolle4; Roger Tolle3; Tobias Tolle2; Roger Tolle1.)

Charles Grandison Tolle, born about 1800, possibly in Fauquier County, VA. He was the son of Jonathan Tolle Jr. It is believed that his mother was Elizabeth Henderson, the first wife of Jonathan. In 1830 there was a Charles G. Toles in the Posey County, Indiana census (1 male under 5; 1 male 20-30; and 2 females under 50). He appears to be a man with 3 young children and no wife in the household at that time. IN 1834 he was visited by a 2nd cousin, William Tolle of Barren County KY, son of Roger Tolle Jr. William kept a journal of his trip and wrote of Charles that he had a wife and 5 or 6 children, and was living in Gibson County, Indiana. He also said that he was the son of Jonathan Tolle of Bourbon County KY. That is the last record I ever found of him.


JAMES TOLLE4; (Roger Tolle3; Tobias Tolle2; Roger Tolle1.)

James Tolle was probably born about 1750 (a guesstimate), and probably in St Mary's County, MD. He was a son of Sarah (unknown) and Roger Tolle. He was named in his father's will which was dated 2 Feb 1778, and when the heirs disposed of their parents property on 24 Sep 1787, he was listed as "of New Purchase". It is believed that this referred to an area of Pennsylvania. At the time of this deed, he had a wife named Catherine. James is one of my favorite mysteries.


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