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A place for comments by me or you.

14 January 2001 -- Hello friends. I apologize for not keeping up lately. I had a very difficult Summer and Fall, and just had to shut down for a while. I will try to get on track again. If I neglected you, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

27 September 1999 -- My new snail mail address is:
Thoren Tolle Meyers
1320 San Bernardino Road
Space #1
Upland CA 91786-4933.

10 May 1999: -- I've put up the descendants of Roger Tolle, down through six generations, with selected 7th generations included also. I am always looking for any typos or errors, and new data. I may show names, but it is my policy not to knowingly include any dates and personal information for living persons. That brings me to something that I consider extremely tacky. (see gripe #2) I also try to give credit where ever it is due (see gripe #1) and I never ever charge anyone for any help I am able to give, regarding the Tolle family. (see gripe #3)

Gripe #1. -- My attention has been directed to two web sites who have obviously used my newsletter and book of charts as sources. Word for word used in some cases. I am pleased that these people found my work useful. That is why I do it in the first place. BUT, neither person gave my name as a source. No credit to me at all. One page lists the Tolle Family Exchange as a source, but that newsletter did not compile itself, I did, every word and I also gave credit to every person who submitted data to me to be used. SHAME.

Gripe #2. -- One of these people showed me in an incomplete family of my parents, and included both my birthdate and marriage info & dates. You will notice I hope that I am still among the living :). I like to see my name in print, but I don't desire to have my stats on the Internet until I am gone. SHAME SHAME.

Gripe #3. -- And last but not least, and to me, the most offensive one of all is the person (his name withheld) who does no personal research himself. He just makes phone calls and writes to descendants. He called me constantly for information over a period of several months. I straightned out a lot of very bad data for him. Now I have learned that he is offering to share his sorry data for $50 (yes, I said fifty dollars).

Friends, I do not sell the Tolle family. If you need help please contact me. If I can't help you myself, I sure will try to lead you in the right direction. Please never pay that kind of money to someone who just makes phone calls.



I get a lot of notes of correction, extra data, and new cousins to add. It is too much for me to make note here of these kinds of changes. So if you have bookmarked this site you can check back on your own branch from time to time. I usually try to contact related people where specific data new data is added. If any major information of interest to all is found, I will post it here.

I am always looking for typos, or errors. Links sometimes get broken and it takes me a while to find them. So if you find a link that doesn't work, please let me know.

I am always eager to hear from any of you. I love to get new data, appreicate any corrections, and suggestions are always welcome.