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Generation Seven - The George Tolle Branch

Compiled by Thoren Tolle Meyers

The descendants of generation seven will be added at random for the cousins who are searching for their own branch.
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NATHANIEL WASHINGTON TOLLE7 (Nimrod D.6; George Jr5; George Sr4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Nathaniel Washington Tolle, son of Sidney (Mallory) and Nimrod D. Tolle, was born 5 Oct 1838 in Lewis County, Missouri. The family went to Denton County, Texas in 1859, and he served in the Civil War from there. He enlisted as a Private in Confederate Company A, 9th Texas Cavalry & Sim's Regiment, 4th Texas Cavalry. He married Miranda Ellen Shaw on 29 Aug 1865 at Grapevine, in Tarrant County, Texas. She was born 10 Nov 1845 in Clay County, Missouri and was the daughter of Nancy (Potter) and William Shaw. After the war, they lived a while in Northeast Arkansas, and then came by wagon to Southern California in 1874. The settled in Los Nietos, Cerritos Ranch in Los Angeles County. This area later became Long Beach. Nathaniel died on 24 Jun 1902 in Long Beach, California and Miranda died there on 15 Oct 1928. They are buried in the Long Beach Municiple Cemetery on Signal Hill in Long Beach, California.

The children of Miranda Ellen (Shaw) and Nathaniel Washington Tolle were:

  • EMMA ADA TOLLE8 born 18 Jul 1866 in Denton County, Texas; married 11 Feb 1883 in Los Angeles County, California to William Peter Teel; had 12 children surnamed TEEL: Delmas Arthur, Claude Cameron, Ervine R., Ora Mabel, Frances Miranda, William Nathaniel, Elmer Elijah, Orpha, Leta Gertrude, George L., James gifford, and an unnamed child; Emma died 25 Sep 1923 in San Jose, California at age 57, and her husband died only 13 days later; they are buried in cemetery on South 1st Street in San Jose, California.
  • MYRTLE VIRGINIA TOLLE8 (twin) born 25 Apr 1869 in Arkansas; married 31 May 1886 in Los Angeles County, California to Charles Harvey Briggs; they had 5 children surnamed BRIGGS: Emma Frances, Adeline Ellen, Alma Monia, Elva Margurite, and Charles Thurmal; Myrtle died 4 Jan 1935 in Los Angeles County at the age of 66.
  • CHARLES ROBERT TOLLE8 (twin) born 25 Apr 1869 in Arkansas; he never married and was something of a hermit; believe he died in the early 1940s.
  • WILLIAM MARTIN TOLLE8 born 18 Aug 1871 in Kansas or Oklahoma according to census records; married 15 Aug 1901 in Los Angeles County, California to the widow Nevada Myrtle (Flickenger) Teel; she had 3 children surnamed TEEL, and she and William had 3 more surnamed TOLLE; William moved to Arizona sometime after 1824 and his death date is unknown.
  • MACK COY TOLLE8 born 23 Jan 1876 in Bolsa, California (now Westminster); married 15 Mar 1899 in Clearwater (now Paramount) California to Daisy Gertrude Thornton. She was born 3 Mar 1882 in Yalabusha County, Mississippi, daughter of Olivia (Millsaps) and James Presley Thornton. Mack and Daisy had 6 children surnamed TOLLE: Lloyd Rollin, Thelma Iris, Leones Lenore, Walter Brown, Armon Thornton, and Thoren Marie (she died at age 10 months). Mack died 15 Dec 1946 in Hynes (now Paramount) California and is buried with his wife and parents in the Long Beach Municiple Cemetery on Signal Hill in Long Beach, California. Daisy died 2 Jan 1954.
  • FREDERICK MALACHI TOLLE8 born 23 Dec 1877 in Long Beach, California; married 1st 14 Oct 1907 in Fresno, California to Nellie May Sprague; they had 2 children surnamed TOLLE: Evelyn May and Donald Frederick; they divorced and he married 2nd about 1925 to Etta Renslow; Fred died 18 Oct 1970 at Oakdale, California at the age of 93.

For Descendant/Researchers of Nathaniel Washington Tolle
please see Tolle Cousin - #1


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MOSES NIMROD SEVIER7 (Catherine Jane (Tolle) Sevier6; George Jr5; George Sr4; Roger3; Tobias3; Roger1)

Moses Nimrod Sevier, son of Catherine Jane (Tolle) and George Washington Sevier, was born 8 Feb 1844 in Marion County, Missouri. He married first to Elizabeth Richardson and they had two sons before she died. His second marriage was before 1876 to Harriet Powell Meador, by whom he had one daughter before they divorced. Harriet was born 13 Dec 1839, daughter of Agnes (McGeorge) and Joel Meador. She died 12 Jul 1912, and is buried in the Nall family plot in the Waurika Oklahoma Cemetery. Moses N. Sevier married in Willbarge County, Texas on 17 Nov 1889, for the third time to Tennessee Roberts. Tennessee was born 15 Feb 1861 in Tennessee. He was a Civil War Veteran having enlisted in Green's Missouri Cavalry in Shelby County, Missouri. His record says that he served in Capt. John N. Hick's Company of Missouri Cavalry. He was a minister of the Church of Christ in Gainsville, Texas and was author of a book entitled "The Church of Christ vs the So-Called Churches." He died 19 May 1902 in Dallas County, Texas and inon 28 Feb 1934 his wife applied for a Civil War Widow's Pension. Tennessee "Tennie" died 6 Nov 1944 and they are buried in the Greenwood Memorial Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.

The children of Elizabeth (Richardson) and Moses Nimrod Sevier were:

  • EDWARD SEVIER8 birth unknown; no other info.
  • JAMES SEVIER8 birth unknown; no other info.

The only child or Harriet Powell (Meador) and Moses Nimrod Sevier was:

  • FRANCES JOSEPHINE SEVIER8 born 1876; aka Fanny; married before 1897 to Edward Edwin Nall; they had 6 children surnamed NALL: Edward Francis, Lillye May, Thomas Powell, Josephine Camelia, Henry Bennet, Edna Edwina; Fanny died in 1963.

The children of Tennessee (Roberts) and Moses Nimrod Sevier were:

  • MAURICE P. SEVIER8 born 12 Oct 1891 in Vernon County, Texas; married 1 Oct 1926 in Corpus Christi, Texas to Elisabeth Habermann; no other data.
  • LUCY EDITH SEVIER8 born 23 Aug 1898 in Dallas, Texas.; married 6 Jun 1917 in Dallas, Texas to Lawrence Clifton Martin; they had two daughters surnamed MARTIN: Betty Jane and Mary Evelyn; Lucy died 13 Jul 1950 Dallas, Texas.

For Descendant/researcher of Moses Nimrod Sevier
please see Tolle Cousin - #3


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ALZADA TOLLE7 (Nimrod D.6; George Jr5; George Sr4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Alzada Tolle, daughter of Sidney (Mallory) and Nimrod D. Tolle, was born 3 Apr 1855 in Lewis County, Missouri. She married Floyd Heavener on 26 Aug 1869. Floyd was son of Elizabeth (Collins) and Jacob Heavener Jr, born 1 Jan 1847 in Virginia. Alzada (Tolle) Heavener died 31 Dec 1911 in Hartford, Arkansas, and Floyd died there on 24 Feb 1936. They are buried in the Hartford Memorial Cemetery in Hartford, Sebastian County, Arkansas.

The children of Alzada (Tolle) and Floyd Heavener were:

  • LUCY ARETA HEAVENER8 born 25 Jan 1871 in Hartford, Arkansas; married Richard Harrison Statham Jr on 14 Feb 1885; they had 7 children surnamed STATHAM: Lillie B., Hillry H., Herman, William Harrison, Charles Fred, George henry, and Walter Sylvester; Lucy died 5 Sep 1952 and is buried in Hartford Memorial Cemetery in Sebastian County, Arkansas.
  • IDA HEAVENER8 born 23 Jan 1873 in Hartford, Arkansas; married Dr Ben Stone; buried in Hartford, Arkansas.
  • JAMES EDWARD HEAVENER8 (twin) born 8 Jul 1876 in Hartford, Arkansas.
  • CHARLES EDMON HEAVENER8 (twin) born 8 Jul 1876 in Hartford, Arkansas; died 4 Sep 1895 and buried in Hartford Memorial Park.
  • LINNIE HEAVENER8 born 14 Aug 1880 in Hartford, Arkansas; aka Lina; married a mean named Amis.
  • NATHANIEL HEAVENER8 born 23 Jul 1884 Hartford, Arkansas; died 2 Jan 1885 and buried in Hartford Memorial Cemetery.
  • MANUEL M. HEAVENER8 born 20 Mar 1887 in Hartford, Arkansas; wife's name was Morbra; died 19 Dec 1955 and buried in Hartford Memorial Cemetery.
  • ADA V. HEAVENER8 born 28 Feb 1889 in Hartford, Arkansas; married John W. White; died 20 Jun 1981 and buried in Hartford Memorial Cemetery.
  • RAY HEAVENER Sr8 born 4 Jan 1884 in Hartford Arkansas; married a woman named Nellie A.; died 2 May 1969 and buried in Hartford Memorial Park in Hartford, Arkansas.

For Descendant/researcher of Alzada Tolle
please see Tolle Cousin - #16


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NIMROD BEVERLY TOLLE7 (Nimrod D.6; George Jr5; George Sr4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Nimrod Beverly Tolle, son of Sidney (Mallory) and Nimrod D. Tolle, was born 25 Mar 1849 in Lewis County, Missouri. He married Sarah Elizabeth Petty on 27 Feb 1863 probably in Denton County, Texas. He died 22 Aug 1905 in Stephens County, Texas.

The children of Sarah Elizabeth (Petty) and Nimrod Beverly Tolle were:

  • GEORGIA ANN TOLLE8 born about 1870 in denton County, Texas; married 26 Apr 1887 in Williamson county, Texas to Daniel DeWitt Thomson; they had 5 children surnamed THOMSON: Etha Lee, Myrtle Estelle, Harvie Nathaniel, Otha Arthur and Robert; died 5 Sep 1923 in Breckentridge, Texas and buried in the Gunsight Cemetery in Stephens County, Texas.
  • NATHANIEL WASHINGTON TOLLE8 born 5 Jan 1874 in Denton County, Texas; married 5 Jun 1898 in Stephens County, Texas to Rebecca May McCleskey; they had 8 children surnamed TOLLE: Hubert N.B., Rachel Agnes, John Petty, David Benson, Ruby May, Freddie Lee, Nathaniel Washington Jr, and Eugene Weldon; died 12 May 1930 in Stephen County, Texas.
  • ALBERT LEE TOLLE8 born 30 Sep 1881 in Denton County, Texas; married Estella Newman; died 3 Aug 1949 in Stephens County, Texas.

For Descendant/Researcher of Nimrod Beverly Tolle
please see Tolle Cousin - #39


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NANNIE/NANCY TOLLE7 (Mattoy B.6; Reuben5; George Sr4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Nannie Tolle was born Dec 1868 in Fleming County, Kentucky, daughter of Nancy (Foxworthy) and Mattoy B. Tolle. She married on 3 Nov 1904 in Fleming County, Kentucky to George H. Shipley. He was born 19 Nov 1880 in Mason County, Kentucky, son of Betty (Rains) and Quincy R. Shipley. They had one son. She was in charge of city circulation for The Public Ledger, newspaper for a number of years. Nannie died 8 Jan 1948 and George died 19 Oct 1954 (his obit source #4 below), and they are buried in the Maysville Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky.

The son of Nannie (Tolle) and George H. Shipley was:

  • EVERETT H. SHIPLEY Sr8 born 1905 in Mason County, Kentucky; He married in 1927 to Amelia E. Pence, who was born 1906 in Mason County, and died 1980 in Citrus County, Florida. They had one son, Everett H. Shipley Jr. Everett Sr died in 1985 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

For Descendant/Researchers of Nannie (Tolle) Shipley
please see Tolle Cousin - #29


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HENRY CLAY TOLLE7 (Benjamin Harrison Tolle6; John Tolle5; George Tolle Sr4; Roger Tolle3; Tobias Tolle2; Roger Tolle1)

Henry Clay Tolle, son of Kerrilla B. (Goddard) and Benjamin Harrison Tolle, was born 2 Aug 1855, in Indiana. He married on 6 Nov 1878 to Elvira Moore in Hendricks County, Indiana. Elvira was born 22 Sep 1859, daughter of John Moore. Her mother's name is currently unnown. The 1900 census showed her birth as Sep 1860. By 1900 they were living in Marion County, Indiana. Henry died in 1925 and Elvira in 1927, both in Indainapolis, Indiana.

The Children of Elvira (Moore) and Henry Clay Tolle were:

  • ALVIE BENJAMIN TOLLE8 born 29 Apr 1879 in Brownsburg, Hendricks Co, IN. Married 29 Apr 1905 to Lenna Brosius. Lena was born 1 Sep 1886 in Knightstown, Indiana. She was the daughter of Elsie Naomi (DeGoyer) and John Phillp Brosius. Alvie & Lenna lived in Hendricks County, Indiana until sometime before 1905 where the first child was born in Marion County, and they were still there in the 1920 census. They had nine children surnamed TOLLE: 1 female name unknown born 3 Nov 1905, Mattie Irene, Fern Naomi, Opal Alma Myrtle Elizabeth, and Alvie Clay, Herbert Edward, Samuel Lee, and Mabel Marie. Alvie died 25 Apr 1960 and Lenna on 14 May 1966, both in Indianapolis, Indiana. Buried in the Indiana Round Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • CHATTIE SUSAN TOLLE8 born Jun 1881; died 1944
  • (male) TOLLE8 born 31 Jan 1883 Hendricks County, Indiana. Nothing further known.
  • (female) TOLLE8 born 27 Jan 1884 Hendriks County, Indiana. Nothing further known.
  • HANNA/ANNA TOLLE8 born 6 May 1886 Hendricks County, Indiana; died 1920.
  • EDDIE/EDWARD TOLLE8 born Oct 1889; died 1908.
  • EMMETT B. TOLLE8 born Aug 1893

For Descendant/Researchers of Henry Clay Tolle
please see Tolle cousin - #57 and - #59


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