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JEREMIAH TOLLE5 (Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Jeremiah Tolle, son of Catharine (Hampton) and Jonathan Tolle was born probably before 1782. He was listed with his father on the 1798 tax roll of Fauquier County, Virginia. He was on the tax rolls of Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia) for the years 1806-1809, but has not been found on the 1810 census.

He married in Lewis County, Kentucky to Nancy Harn, daughter of Elijah Harn. The marriage license was dated 20 Oct 1813. The bondsman was John Davis, and the marriage was performed by James Stull. The fact that he was at least age thirty at this time could indicate an even earlier marriage.

Jeremiah was on the tax rolls of Lewis County, Kentucky for the years 1814-1838, and also found on the census records of 1820 & 1830. He had 150 acres of land surveyed in Lewis County, Kentucky on 14 Oct 1831 located on Crooked Creek, a branch of the Ohio River. Hampton Tolle's name also is on this document.

Nancy must have died in the early 1830s, and on 21 Jul 1834 in Lewis County, he married again to Margaret Norman, a widow. James McClein was bondsman and minister. There was also a marriage on 30 Jun 1836 in Brown County, Ohio for a Jeremiah to Martha Phillips, but there is no way to tell if this was a last marriage for him, or a first for the younger JEREMIAH HAMPTON TOLLE. When Jeremiah sold his land on 17 Dec 1838 to Henry S. Bayless, no wife was mentioned, indicating he may have been widowed at that time.

He was not on the census of 1840, but there was a household in the name of Horton Tolle which matched his family for the previous census records. It appears that Jeremiah may have died between 1838-1840.

This outline of possible children of Jeremiah Tolle is compiled from the census records

  • HORTON TOLLE6 born between 1810-1820.
  • (Male) born between 1810-1820
  • (Male) born between 1810-1820
  • (Male) born between 1820-1825
  • (Male) born between 1820-1825
  • (Female) born between 1820-1825

It is beleived that Jeremiah was most certainly the father of some of the unlinked Tolle People who began appearing in the records later. For some of these unlinked Tolle's see some of the Tolle Puzzles at the bottom of thisTOLLE LINKS page.

JOSE/JOSEPH TOLLE Sr5 (Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Jose/Joseph Tolle, son of Catharine (Hampton) and Jonathan Tolle, was commonly called Jose. He was born 14 Oct 1784 (His tombstone says 14 Oct 1789 in Harrison County, Virginia). There is some confusion here because his father was on records of Fauquier County, Virginia during the time Jose was born. Then in 1805, Jose appeared as an adult on the Harrison County, Virginia tax list.

Jose Tolle married Charlotte Bean on 23 Dec 1810 in Mason County, Kentucky. The bond was dated 15 Dec 1810, and Jonathan Tolle signed that his son was over twenty-one. The bondsman was Leonard Bean, and witnesses were Reuben Tolle and Leonard Bean. Charlotte was born 31 Dec 1789, and was the daughter of Eda (Kilgore) and Leonard Bean. Jose was on the tax lists of Lewis County, Kentucky for the years 1808 through 1833. He and Charlotte sold 60 acres on Cabin Creek to John West on 12 Feb 1819. He was listed on the 1820, and the 1830 census records of Lewis County, Kentucky, and his name was mentioned a couple of times in the Lewis County History as overseer of the road.

He was across the Ohio River in Adams County, Ohio by 1837 where he appeared on the tax list, and he was on the 1840 and the 1850 census there, and on the Winchester Township voting list for 1841-1849. Jose and Charlotte sold 50 acres of land in Highland County, Ohio to their son Harrison Tolle on 31 Jul 1841. Another record shows that they borrowed money from their son Micajah Tolle in 1844. The 1850 census lists him as age 66, a farmer, property value of $2000, and born in Virginia.

Death came to him on 25 May 1857, at hte age of 73 years, 7 months, and 11 days, and he is buried in the Locust Grove cemetery, Franklin Township, Adams County, Ohio. Charlotte died 10 may 1872 and they share a stone with his name on one side, and hers on the other. The Executor of Jose's estate was William G. Toll, and Surety T.E. Reed and David Boyd with a bond of $500.

This item in the ADAMS COUNTY DEMOCRAT dated 24 June 1859 lists his heirs:

"Adams County Probate Court, William G. Toll Executor of Jose Toll deceased vs John A. Toll et al -- John A. Toll, Harrison Toll, A.J. Toll, Louisa Alexander and Elizabeth Alexander of Highland County, Ohio, Jose Toll, R.A. Clark and Eveline Clark of Adams County, Ohio, Micajah Toll of the State of Kentucky, James H. Darling and Francis A. Darling of Pike County, Ohio, Robert B. Downing and Matilda Downing, Albert Alexander, Sarah S. Bayless, Ann A. Bayless and James O. Bayless of the State of Iowa will take notice that on the 18th day of June, A.D. 1859, said William G. Toll Executor, of the last will and testament of Jose Toll, deceased filed in said court his certain petition against them as defendants of the object and prayer of which are that said petitioner be authorized by order of said Court, for and on behalf of said defendants, heirs of the said Jose Toll deceased, to execute a Deed of Conveyance for a tract of land containing one hundred and twenty acres situate in Adams and Highland Counties, Ohio, on the waters of Ohio Brush Creek, part of Survey Number two hundred and eighty one and which was sold by the said Jose Toll, in his life to one Henry Ennis and that said petition will be for hearing in said court on the 18th day of July, 1859 at which time an order will be asked for, to execute said deed as aforesaid. Signed Wm. G. Toll, By J.R. Cockerill, Attorney, June 24, 1859"

Of all of the descendants of Roger Tolle, Jose Tolle has the best researched family, and he has more descendants maembers of the Tolle Family Exchange than any other Tolle in this work.

The children of Charlotte (Bean) and Jose Tolle were:

  • MICAJAH TOLLE6 born 8 mar 1812 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Catherine Wright.
  • LEONARD TOLLE6 born 7 Jun 1813 Lewis County, Kentucky. He never married, and died 16 Sep 1834 at the age of 21 years, 3 months, and 9 days.
  • SARAH TOLLE6 born 12 Sep 1814 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Hamilton Alexander.
  • JOHN ALBERT TOLLE6 born 19 Apr 1816 Lewis County, Kentucky. He married Jemima Ann Naylor 22 Jun 1841; died 24 Apr 1892. Beleive they had no children.
  • HARRISON TOLLE6 born 14 Jun 1818 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Rachel Ann Naylor.
  • JULIANN TOLLE6 born 23 Mar 1820 Lewis County, Kentucky; married James O. Bayless.
  • FRANCES ANN TOLLE6 born 9 Jul 1822 Lewis County, Kentucky; married James Harvey Darling.
  • WILLIAM GALLANEOUS TOLLE6 born 9 Apr 1824 Lewis County, Kentucky; married 1st Charlotte Downing; married 2nd Catherine A. Tenner; married 3rd Catherine Ann Conaway.
  • MATILDA EDA TOLLE6 born 10 Jun 1827 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Robert B. Downing.
  • JOSE/JOSEPH TOLLE Jr6 born 10 Jan 1829 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Sarah Ann Newland.
  • ANDREW JACKSON TOLLE6 born 8 Mar 1832 Mason County, Kentucky; married Margaret J. Elgin.
  • EVALINE TOLLE6 born 23 Feb 1834 Adams County, Kentucky; married Ralph Allen Clark.

STEPHEN TOLLE5 (Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias>2; Roger1)

Stephen Tolle, son of Catharine (Hampton) and Jonathan Tolle, was born about 1785. He was married on 17 May 1810 to Amelia Hume, daugher of Elijah. (There is some speculation that she was actually Amelia Harn, daughter of Elijah Harn) The bondsman was Elijah Hume (or Harn?). Their marriage was witnessed by Reuben Tolle and they were married by Joshua Singleton, Baptist Minister.

Stephen first appeared in the 1810 census of Mason County, Kentucky. He and Amelia had one son, and she died at his birth. Stephen married again to Rachel Harn on 15 Oct 1812 in Lewis County. (It is believed that Rachel may have been the sister of his first wife Amelia) The bondsman was Joseph Spurrier, and a certificate of permission came from Elijah Harn.

Stephen's name was on the 1806-1811 tax lists of Mason County, Kentucky, and the 1812-1829 tax lists of Lewis County, Kentucky. Also on the 1810 census of Mason County, and the 1820 census of Lewis County.

By 1830 he had moved across the Ohio River into Adams County, Ohio, where he was also on the tax lists of Scott Township of that county for 1831-1838. He was on the voters list of Scott Township for 1840, and then for Winchester Township 1840-1848. He was found on all of the census of Adams County, Ohio for the years 1830-1850.

The History of Adams County, Ohio says that Stephen Tolle had one of the first mills on Elk Run in Adams County.

Rachel (Harn) Tolle died before 1847, and Stephen married again on 1 Mar 1847 in Adams County, Ohio to the widow Euphemia Surguy. Her maiden name was Euphemia Douglass, and she was married first to Josiah Davis. Four of her children of this marriage married four of Stephen's children. Josiah Davis died before 1843, and she married again to James Surguy who was dead by 1847 when she married Stephen Tolle.

He was listed on the 1850 census of Winchester Township, Adams County, Ohio as age 65, a farmer, born in Virginia, and at a value of $2000. He can be found in several deed records of 1847-1859, and his documents were signed with an "x" for his mark.

Stephen died before 23 Feb 1859, at which time his estate was entered into probate in Adams County. His executor was Jefferson Toll, and sureties were Elijah Waldren & Henry Waldren, with a bond of $1000. His probate included a deed from Euphemia Tolle to Jefferson & Isaac N. Tolle.

Child of Amelia (Hume/Harn?) and Stephen Tolle was:

  • HENRY TOLLE6 born about 1811; married 1st Sidney Sparks; married 2nd Eleanor M. Crawford.

Children of Rachel (Harn) and Stephen Tolle were:

  • SANFORD TOLLE6 born about 1813; married Lydia Stivers.
  • JONATHAN TOLLE6 born about 1814; married Malinda Waldron.
  • NANCY TOLLE6 born it is estimated at about the mid-1810s; married Elijah Waldron; died before 1859 with no children.
  • CYNTHIA ANN TOLLE6 born 25 Sep 1815; married Henry Waldron.
  • DENTON TOLLE6 born about 1816; married Nancy Waldron.
  • ISAAC NEWTON TOLLE6 born about 1818; married Delila Ann Davis.
  • ELIJAH TOLLE6 born 8 Oct 1819; married 1st Rachel Ann Davis; married 2nd Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).
  • JEFFERSON TOLLE6 born about 1821; married Nancy Stivers.
  • WILLIS A. TOLLE6 born about 1824; married Sarah Stivers.
  • JAMES TOLLE6 born about 1827; married Ellen (maiden name unknown).
  • EMILY PERMILIA TOLLE6 born about 1828; married William Bennington.
  • WILLIAM FLETCHER TOLLE6 born 12 Sep 1829; married 1st Euphamy M. Bunny Ann Davis; married 2nd Mrs Lucinda (Lovejoy) Wilson.
  • MILTON P. TOLLE6 born May 1832; married 1st Amanda Davis; married 2nd Sarah Ann Whitley

This concludes generation 5 of the Jonathan Tolle Branch

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