Tolle Family Genealogy - Gen5 - George
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Generation Five - The George Tolle Branch

Compiled by Thoren Tolle Meyers

Generation Five

JOHN TOLLE5 (George4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

John Tolle, son of Susannah (?) and George Tolle Sr, was born 1 Oct 1775 in Fauquier County, Virginia. His name first appeared on the personal tax lists of Fauquier County, Virginia for the years 1792-1796 with his father, and then for himself in 1793-1799. He was married in Fauquier County, Virginia on 7 Nov 1799 to Elizabeth Debell. The bond was dated 6 Nove1799, and they were married by John Monroe. Elizabeth was born 9 May 1780 in Fauquier County, Virginia, the daughter of William Debell.

In the Fall of 1800, John and Elizabeth (Debell) Tolle and her brother and his wife, Lewis and Elizabeth (Priest) Debell, got together and sailed down the Ohio River on a flatboat from Pittsburg to Limestone (Now Maysville, Kentucky). From there, they went to a piece of land that had been given to them by his father-in-law. This land was in the Southwest corner of Lewis County. They settled there and that is where they spent the rest of their lives.

John was on the Mason County, Kentucky tax list 1802-1806, and then the Lewis County list 1807-1862. (Lewis County was formed from Mason County in 1807). He witnessed a deed for Stephen Lee in 1815, and the will of Lewis Debell in 1818. On 15 Dec 1819 he pruchased land from Gerrard and Maria Spurrier for $375, consisting of 62 1/2 acres in Mason County, on the waters of Phillips Creek. John was the administrator of his father's estate in 1821. He appeared on all of the census records of Lewis County from 1820 through 1860, including the slave schedules. The 1850 schedule showed that he owned one black female age 14. Over the years his name appeared on many other deed transactions. He is briefly mentioned in the History of Lewis County several times. He may have been the Col. John Tolle mentioned there, but there was another John Tolle in the area at that time, (son of his cousin William) and it isn't always easy to distinguish between them in the records.

John Tolle died 19 Jul 1862 in Lewis County, Kentucky, at the age 86 years and 9 months. His will was dated 13 Jul 1861. He named his son Ambrose D. Tolle as his executor, and he also listed his wife and all his children by name. Elizabeth died 13 Jun 1864. It is probably a fair guess that he and Elizabeth are buried in the Tolle cemetery on Route 1237, but no tombstones are available for them today.

The children of Elizabeth (Debell) and John Tolle were:

  • WILLIAM TOLLE6 born 10 Apr 1801 Lewis County, Kentucky; married 1st Sarah D. Ringo; married 2nd Mrs Mary A. (Saunders) Brown.
  • REDDEN A. TOLLE6 born 16 Jan 1803 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Sarah Brown.
  • LUCINDA TOLLE6 born 21 Aug 1804 Lewis County, Kentucky; married John Dickson.
  • MARY I. TOLLE6 born 16 Nov 1806 Lewis County, Kentucky; She never married; died after 1861.
  • LEWIS DUDLEY TOLLE6 born 27 Nov 1809 Lewis County, Kentucky; married 1st Frances Ann Debell; married 2nd Anna Mariah Debell.
  • BENJAMIN HARRISON TOLLE6 born 27 Sep 1812 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Kerrilla B. Goddard.
  • GEORGE J. TOLLE6 born 6 Feb 1815 Lewis County, Kentucky; He died 20 Sep 1815 at the age of about 6 months.
  • SUSAN ANN TOLLE6 born 10 Mar 1817 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Kaufman Watts.
  • AMBROSE DUDLEY TOLLE6 born 2 Jan 1820 Lewis County, Kentucky; He married 12 Apr 1854 to his cousin SUSAN E. TOLLE. She was the daughter of Lewis Tolle. They never had any children. He died after 1900 in Lewis County, Kentucky.
  • JAMES DEBELL TOLLE6 born 6 Apr 1824 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Maria Eliza Hord.

STEPHEN TOLLE5 (George4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Stephen Tolle, son of Susannah (?) and George Tolle Sr, was born 14 Aug 1778 in Fauquier County, Virginia. His name first appeared on the personal tax list of Fauquier County with his father in 1797-1800, and then for himself 1801-1802. He married Mary Dyson in Fauquier County on 15 Jun 1804.

He moved to Mason County, Kentucky, where he can be found in many records from 1810 through 1869, the census, the tax lists, and the deed books, and he is mentioned in a Court Order Book in 1820. In some of the records prior to 1830 it is difficult to distinguish between him and his cousin Stephen.

Stephen was bondsman for marriages of several members of his family. He acted as attorney for his son George in the settlement of te estate of Samuel Staggs in 1843, and as administrator of the estate of his son Eli A. Tolle, and as witness to a deed between Lewis B. Wallingford and Harriet Tolle in 1842. He was a slave owner as early as 1830, and the 1850 schedules showed him with one female age 47, one male age 32, and one male age 9. Births and deaths of some of them can be found in the records.

Stephen died 4 May 1869 in Mason County, Kentucky at the age of 90 years. He was buried in the Tolle cemetery on Route 1237 in Lewis County, Kentucky. His will was dated 27 Apr 1863 and probated 10 may 1869. He mentioned his son George and daughter Julia A.D. Tolle, grandchildren Charles S. Lyon and Presh E. Lyon, and the children of his son Thomas N. Tolle, deceased.

The children of Mary (Dyson) and Stephen Tolle were:

  • GEORGE D. TOLLE6 born about 1805 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Lucinda Staggs
  • THOMAS NEWTON TOLLE6 born 26 Jul 1807 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Eliza Susan (maiden name unknown).
  • SUSANNAH E. TOLLE6 born 5 Sep 1809 Lewis County, Kentucky; She died at about age 19 on 10 Aug 1828, and was buried in the Tolle cemetery on Route 1237 in Lewis County, Kentucky.
  • ELIJAH/ELI A. TOLLE6 born about 1813 Lewis County, Kentucky. He married 14 Nov 1844 to Mary Jane Martin, and there may have been no children. There was a small business in Mason County, Kentucky, called Lyon & E.A. Tolle, which may have been his. He was administrator of his brother's estate 24 Dec 1839, and his father was administrator of his in 1845. No other information on him at this time.
  • PRESHA U. TOLLE6 born 3 Mar 1818 Lewis County, Kentucky. It is believed she never married. She died 19 Apr 1845 and is buried in the Tolle cemetery on Route 1237 in Lewis County, Kentucky.
  • (a Male) born 1810-1820 Lewis County, Kentucky as found in the 1820 census.
  • (a Male) born 1810-1820 Lewis County, Kentucky as found in the 1820 census.
  • MARY TOLLE6 born about 1820 Lewis County, Kentucky; married William G. Lyon.
  • JULIET A.D. TOLLE6 born Nov 1822 Lewis County, Kentucky. She never married. She lived with her nephew Eli W. Tolle, and they were living in Daviess County, Missouri in the 1900 census. She probably died between 1900-1910 in Missouri.

GEORGE TOLLE Jr5 (George4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

George Tolle Jr, son of Susannah (?) and George Tolle Sr, was born about 1782 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He first appeared on the personal tax list of Fauquier County, Virginia for the years 1790-1803.

There was a marriage on 1 Dec 1903 in Loudoun County, Virginia of a George Tolle to Sarah Crupper. I wonder if this might have been a first marriage for him because he is the only George that I can place there at that time.

George and Cloe Culverhouse were married on 20 Jan 1807 in Fauquier County, Virginia. James Culverhouse made oath that she was over 21 and that she was the daughter of William Culverhouse, deceased. The marriage bond was for the sum of $150 and it was signed by George Tolle and James Culverhouse.

By 1820, his parents and siblings had all gone to Kentucky and he seemed to be the last of his family to remain in Virginia. On December 1820 he gave his Power of Attorney to his brother Matthias, to look after his interests in the estate of his father, who had recently died in Lewis County, Kentucky.

On 11 Apr 1822 he was involved in some kind of a court action with Griffin Finch. This was apparently appealed on 19 Apr 1823. George is listed on the census records of Fauquier County, Virginia for 1810 through 1830.

Then, sometime between August 1837 and April 1838 he moved to Marian County, Missouri. All of his adult children made the move with him, with the exception of one daughter. There is a Bill of Sale to Bud Griffith dated 4 may 1838 in Lewis County, Missouri. It appears that he may have put up collateral for a debt. The property named was "six feather beds, bedsteads of futiture now in my tavern house, each bed furnished with a full compliment of furniture" and that he was to pay the sum of 113.89 by 1 Jan 1838.

He was dead the following year, and on 11 Oct 1839 his probate was entered in the court. Cloe testified that George died without a will, and that he left a widow and nine children, which she listed by name. Cloe was still living in 1860 at the age of eighty one. We don't know how soon after that she died, or where she and George are buried.

The children of Cloe (Culverhouse) and George Tolle were:

  • LUCINDA TOLLE6 born 1 May 1808 Fauquier County, Virginia; married 1st Turner Dawson; married 2nd William Levering.
  • SUSAN TOLLE6 born about 1810 Fauquier County, Virginia. She was mentioned in her father's probate record in 1839, but nothing further is known of her.
  • PARMENUS W. TOLLE6 born about 1812 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Susan Jane Davis.
  • NIMROD D. TOLLE6 born about 1814 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Sidney Mallory.
  • JULIA ANN TOLLE6 born about 1816 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Thompson F. Anderson.
  • ANN MARIAH TOLLE6 born 27 Jun 1818 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Lewis S. Brown.
  • GEORGE DANIEL TOLLE6 born Jun 1820 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Martha J. Stafford.
  • CATHERINE JANE TOLLE6 born 21 Sep 1822 Fauquier County, Virginia; married George Washington Sevier.
  • VIENNA ELIZABETH TOLLE6 born before 1830 Fauquier County, Virginia; married William S. Hall.

MATTHIAS TOLLE5 (George4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Matthias Tolle, son of Susannah (?) and George Tolle Sr, was born 11 Jun 1784 in Fauquier County, Virginia. His name first appeared on the personal property lists of Fauquier County, Virginia for 1802-1803, and then on the Lewis County, Kentucky lists for 1811-1860. He served in the War of 1812 as a Sergeant in the 16th Regiment (Porters) Kentucky Militia.

Matthias was married 7 Mar 1812 to Prudence Davis in Lewis County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Matthias Davis and Rachel Maynard.

On 23 Dec 1820, Matthias was given Power of Attorney by his brother George Jr, who was still living in Virginia. It authorized him to look after George's interests in their father's estate. He was on the bill of sale for his father's property in 1821, purchasing 1 negro boy for $200 dollars.

In 1824, Matthias purchased 160 acres of land on Crooked Creek, and added another 62/17 acres in 1832. His name was found many times in the deed books over the years.

His name was on all of the census rolls of Lewis County, Kentucky from 1820 through 1850. He was a farmer and a slave owner. On the 1850 slave schedule he is shown owning one female age 27 and four children ages one through eight.He appearred to be an active citizen of Lewis County. He was appointed overseer of the road a couple of times and Constable for District 2 in 1832.

Matthias died 29 Mar 1860 in Lewis County. He was buried in the Davis Cemetery there. Apparently it took five or six years to settle his estate, and it covers many pages in the deed books.

The children of Prudence (Davis) and Matthias Tolle were:

  • LOUISA B.D. TOLLE6 born about 1813 Lewis County, Kentucky. She married Hanse Ireland 18 May 1836 in Lewis County. In 1850 she was living with her parents, and she was a widow with no children. Nothing further is known of her.
  • HAMMOND TOLLE6 born 8 Sep 1815 Lewis County, Kentucky; married Curlinda Davis Shepherd.
  • LUCINDA TOLLE6 born 31 Dec 1819 Lewis County, Kentucky. She died 10 Aug 1828 at about age 9. She is buried in the Davis Graveyard in Lewis County, Kentucky.
  • (a Female) born between 1810-1820 Lewis County, Kentucky as found in the 1820 census.
  • NANCY A. MALINDA TOLLE6 born 21 Jan 1822 Lewis County, Kentucky; married John Brown.
  • LURENA R. TOLLE6 born about 1825 Lewis County, Kentucky. She married 18 May 1842 in Lewis County, Kentucky to Paul McNeal. She died young of Tubercular trouble.
  • CURLINDA TOLLE6 born Apr 1827 Lewis County, Kentucky. she died at about age 14 on 28 May 1841, and is buried in the Davis Graveyard in Lewis County, Kentucky.
  • MINERVA P. TOLLE6 born 1 Mar 1829 Lewis County, Kentucky. She died 16 Dec 1850 at about age 21, and is buried in the Davis Graveyard in Lewis County, Kentucky.
  • AMOS D. TOLLE6 born about 1831 Lewis County, Kentucky. He married a woman named Mildred Ann (maiden name unknown) and they apparently had no children. He was in DeWitt County, Illinois in 1860, but settled before 1863 in Wright County, Missouri. He died about 1890 at the age of 59, and his will was written 1 Apr 1890 and probated 4 May 1890 in Wright County, Missouri.
  • GEORGE MATTHIAS TOLLE6 born 8 Mar 1833 Lewis County, Kentucky; married 1st Nancy F. Hoover; married 2nd Narcissa Ferguson; died 3 Jul 1911 in Lewis County, Kentucky. They had no children.
  • EMMANUEL CLAY TOLLE6 born about 1836 Lewis County, Kentucky. He accidentally killed a man named Holiday in March of 1859. It was ruled an accident, but he left Kentucky, going first to Andrew County, Missouri, then to Colorado. After that he is a mystery. It is known that there were descendants because a few years ago, the Lewis County Historical Society received a query from a grandson of Emmanuel, but he never responded to correspondence from this compiler.

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