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The Fourth Generation

Compiled by Thoren Tolle Meyers

JONATHAN TOLLE4 (Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Jonathan was listed on the now Hill lease with his father and brothers in 1768. It showed his age as 33, making his date of birth about 1735. His name appeared on the Loudoun County, Virginia list of tithables for the years 1767, 1769-1770, 1771-1774, 1781, & 1785. He was also listed in 1782 in Shelbourne Parish as a slave holder of Buck, Lett, Marian & Tom. He was named in his father's will in 1778, and again when the heirs sold the property of his parents in 1787. On 16 Feb 1773, Jonathan Tole and Catharine Hampton were married by Rev. David Griffith in Loudoun County, Virginia. This must have been a second marriage, because some of his children were born before this date.

He was on the personal tax list of Fauquier County, Virginia from 1788-1798, but not on the land tax roll. On 19 Feb 1788, in Fauquier County, Jonathan Tolle & Rodham Rogers sold property consisting of some furniture, tobacco, and 4 horses to Samuel Pearle. Jonathan was an early settler on Miracle Run, in Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia). He may have had that land as early as 1777. He had it surveyed in 1786, and conveyed it to James McLain on 23 Feb 1787. Another parcel, consisting of 365 1/2 acres, was conveyed to Thomas Mount on the same date. His name appeared on the tax rolls of Harrison County for the years 1799-1802-1805.

Then he appeared on the tax rolls of Mason County, Kentucky for the years 1805 through 1810, and also in Lewis County, Kentucky for 1808 through 1810. In Feb 1811, he was exempted from payment of county levies, possibly because of his age which would have been about 76 years. The date of his death is not known, but it was probably between 1811-1814. This is a period of time when it is difficult to distinguish between him and his son Jonathan Jr in the Lewis County Records.

The children of a possible first wife and Jonathan Tolle were:

  • SUSANNAH TOLLE5 born ca 1768; married John Henderson
  • WILLIAM TOLLE5 born ca 1769; married 1st Diana Benham; married 2nd Mrs Rosanna (McGlothlin/McGloughlin or McLaughlin) Lemar
  • MICAJAH TOLLE5 born ca 1770; married Mary/Polly Batson
  • REUBEN HAMPTON TOLLE5born 18 May 1772; married 1st Sarah Tarleton; married 2nd Mrs Hannah (Mackey) Truesdale
The children of Catharine (Hampton) and Jonathan Tolle were:
  • JONATHAN TOLLE Jr5 born ca 1779; married 1st Elizabeth Henderson; married 2nd Henrietta Harn.
  • JEREMIAH TOLLE5 born before 1782; married 1st Nancy Harn; married 2nd Mrs Margaret Norman; and possibly he married 3rd Martha Phillips
  • JOSE/JOSEPH TOLLE5 born 14 Oct 1784; married Charlotte Bean
  • STEPHEN TOLLE5 born ca 1785; married 1st Amelia Hume; married 2nd Rachel Harn; married 3rd Mrs Euphema (Douglas) Davis Surguy

JOHN TOLLE4 (Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Not very much is known about John Tolle. It is estimated that he was born about 1637. He was listed on the Snow Hill lease in St Mary's County, Maryland with his father and two brothers, and on a list of Loudoun County, Virginia tithables for Shelbourn Parish in 1784-1786. He was named in his father's will in 1778, but was not on the list of heirs when the property of his parents was sold in 1787. Nothing further is known of him or of any descendants.

ANN/NANCY TOLLE4 (Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

She was called Ann Squires in her father's will. She was born approximately 1740 in St Mary's County, Maryland. She and Thomas Squires were married about 1768. Thomas died, and she married John Piles sometime before 1783. Her death occurred before 1800, probably in Loudoun County, Virginia.

The Children of Ann (Tolle) and Thomas Squires were:

  • NEHEMIAH SQUIRES5 born ca 1769; married Sarah Poland/Polen about 1792 in Loudoun County. He moved to Preston County, Virginia (now West Virginia) where he drowned near Morgantown about 1828. He and Sarah had nine children. The data I have on this family follows the direct line down to Marion Jean (Waters) Challendar. Marian was a Squires Family researcher who passed away on 8 Oct 1997.
  • REUBEN SQUIRES5 born Jan 1775; married Eleanor Dawson
  • ELIZABETH SQUIRES5 born before 1780 (no further information)

ROGER TOLLE Jr4 (Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Roger Tolle Jr was born 4 Feb 1742 in St Mary's County, Maryland. He was also listed on the Snow Hill Lease with his father and brothers. He served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in the 9th Virginia Regiment. He was named in his father's will, and on the sale of the parent's property in 1787. In 1782 he was married to Sally Sims. According to the descendants, there was a problem because of their ages, so they went to Maryland to get married. Sally was born July 1770 and she died on 10 Jul 1787 at the birth of their second child.

Roger married again sometime after 1787 to Diana (Fowler) Sanders. He and Diana had no children, but they raised two of her nieces, Lizzie Benham who married John Burch, and Melinda who married Younger Davidson. A reference to Roger Tolle, taxpayer in Loudoun County, Virginia in 1767 may have been him, and the Roger appointed surveyor of the road may have also been him. It is difficult to distinguish between him and his father in some of the records for that period of time. His name appeared on the personal tax rolls of Fauquier County, Virginia from 1783-1803. Roger relocated to Campbell County, Virginia and was there on the 1810 census. Roger died 3 Aug 1814 in Campbell County, Virginia. After his death, Diana moved to Barren County, Virginia with her stepsons, and she died there about 1835.

Children of Sally (Sims) and Roger Tolle were:

  • WILLIAM TOLLE5 born 2 Oct 1785 in Fauquier County, Virginia; married 1st Mary/Polly Turner; married 2nd Martha Jane Snoddy
  • ALEXANDER TOLLE5 born 10 Jul 1787 in Fauquier County, Virginia; married Sophia Bell

STEPHEN TOLLE4 (Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Stephen Tolle was probably born between 1745-1754, and probably in St Mary's County, Maryland. He served in the Loudoun County, Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War. He appeared as a witness to the will of Minor Winn on 30 Jul 1775, and to the will of his brother-in-law Thomas Squires. He was named in his father's will in 1778, and on the list of heirs in 1787 when the property of the parents was sold. He was on the list of tithables for Sherbourne Parish, Loudoun County, Virginia for 1780-1782. Then on the Fauquier County, Virginia personal tax rolls for 1783-1791. In the August 1788 Court he was the plaintiff in a case against Irwin Powell who was ordered to pay him 75 pounds of tobacco for the days he served as a witness from him. On 6 Nov 1788 he married Ann Crosby in Fauquier County, Virginia. Anderson Weeks performed the ceremony. Ann Crosby was the daughter of Susannah (Conaway) & Uriel Crosby.

He may have died suddenly, because on the night of 9 Oct 1791, Samuel Pearle, George Tolle, and Francis Murray were called to his home to take his verbal will.

"We whose names are hereunto subscribed affirm upon oath that we were at the house of Stephen Tolle on the 9th day of October 1791 and sometime in the run of the night the said Tolle being in a low state of health and seeming to be apprehensive he might not live to have an opportunity to commit his will to wrighting called upon us to witness his verbal will, which to the best of our knowledge was as follows, to wit, his desire was there should be no sale of any of his property with respect to the law, that his wife Anne Tolle might have the whole in her hands until son George came of age, at which time a horse, saddle and bridle to the value of twelve pounds should be given him out of his estate, also he expected his wife was with child which child, his desire was should have a horse, saddle and bridle of the same value and at the same time. Also they should receive a negroe woman named Sarah with all her increase, except one, his wife having priviledge to make her choice which she would keep her live. Also to keep negroe Daniel her live and to return to his children, he also appointed George Tolle and Enoch Murray to conduct her affairs in here and Urial Crosby and George Crosby in case she removed to Nolachuckey or jointly together with herself with previledge to sell the waggon to purchase land for his wife Ann Tolle to settle upon with such other property as they should think best for removal and settlement in that country, the negroes excepted, this was what he mentioned to the best of our knowledge, as witness our hands the date above, Sam'l Pearle, George Tolle (his mark) & Francis Murray.

Three days later, on 12 Oct 1791, this will was entered into probate, and inventory taken 29 Sep 1792, and final settlement was recorded 28 Jan 1793. This probate extended over several years, and included a survey of 200 acres of land in Lewis County, Kentucky.

Ann (Crosby) Tolle, remarried 3 Jul 1793 in Fauquier County, Virginia to Daniel Jackson, and they moved to East Tennessee in Greene County. No record has been found of a child that Stephen and Ann were expecting at the time of his death, and their son George was listed as the only heir of Stephen on an 1811 deed.

Child of Ann (Crosby) and Stephen Tolle was:

  • GEORGE W. TOLLE5 born about 1790 in Fauquier County, Virginia. In 1811 he was listed as the the heir of Stephen Tolle when he disposed of the 200 acres in Lewis County, Kentucky. This deed said that George was of Greene County, Tennessee. He served in the 2nd Regiment of Lillard's East Tennessee Volunteers in the War of 1812. He was on the tax lists of Greene County, Tennessee for the years 1813-1816. There was a G.W. Tolle who sold a slave named Lucy to A. Sevier in 1819, and a G.W. Tolle performed at least one marriage in Greene County, Tennessee in 1817. This is only an assumption that he is the same person. So far, no trace of him has been found in Tennessee after 1819, and no heirs are known to us at this time.

GEORGE TOLLE4 (Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

George Tolle was born probably about 1748 and probably in St Mary's County, Maryland. He was on the list of tithables of Loudoun Couny, Virginia for 1769-70. He was named in his father's will in 1778, and was on the deed of the heirs when the property of his parents was sold in 1787. He was co-executor of the estate of his brother Stephen in 1791. He was listed on the tax rolls of Fauquier County, Virginia for 150 acres of land from 1783-1812, and on the personal tax rolls from 1782-1814. The 1810 census shows him with one slave over 16 years of age.

Some time between 1814-1819 he relocated to Lewis County, Kentucky, where most of his family had already gone. He was on the tax roll there for 1819. He died in Lewis County, Kentucky before 25 Dec 1820, and an inventory and appraisement was made of his personal estate at the January 1821 court there. His son John Tolle was administrator, and the inventory listed 5 slaves, 3 horses, 8 sheep, 2 cows, 2 calves, 12 head of hogs, wheat, corn, tools, furniture etc. His burial site has not been located. His wife was named Susanah, but her maiden name is unknown. She remained in Lewis County after his death, and was on the tax lists and census records through 1825. She may have died about 1825.

Children of Susannah (?) and George Tolle were:

  • JOHN TOLLE5 born 1 Oct 1775 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Debell
  • STEPHEN TOLLE5 born 14 Aug 1778 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Mary Dyson
  • GEORGE TOLLE Jr5 born ca 1782 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Cloe Culverhouse
  • ELIZABETH TOLLE5 born before 1784 Fauquier County, Virginia; Her name is found on some of the probate records of George Tolle in Lewis County, Kentucky, but it is not known if she ever married or had any descendants
  • MATTHIAS TOLLE5 born 11 Jun 1784 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Prudence Davis
  • REUBEN TOLLE5 born 11 Jan 1786 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Mary (?)
  • REBECCA TOLLE5 born ca 1792 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Jarvis Dunaway
  • PRESLEY TOLLE5 born 11 Jan 1792 Fauquier County, Virginia; married Harriet Colllis
  • LEWIS TOLLE5 born 25 Aug 1794 Fauquier County, Virginia; married 1st Matilda Lynn; married 2nd Mrs Mary Ann (?) Davis

JAMES TOLLE4 (Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

James Tolle is estimated to have been born about 1750, probably in St Mary's County, Maryland. He was appointed surveyor of the road at the April 1776 Court of Fauquier County, Virginia. He was named in his father's will in 1778, and again on the list of heirs when the property of his parents was sold in 1787. He was on the personal tax rolls of Fauquier County for 1783-1784. In the 1787 deed, his wife was listed as Catherine, and he was said to be "of New Purchase". Nothing more is known of Catherine. New Purchase has been determeined to be a large section of Western Pennsylvania, but James has never been located there. A generation later, a Tolle family was located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, but no connection has been established at this time. Nothing further is known of this James Tolle or any descendants.

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