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I have called this page by that name to get your attention. Kathie Curtiss is putting together this book and is asking for anyone who has family recipes to share. Seems like a great idea to me. Here is what she has to say about it:

- "I have been making plans to do a family cookbook. It started out as a Tolle family collection (my mother's side), but after getting into it a bit, I realized what a large job it is and decided that I would share with other lines of my family and make it a multi-family edition.

I hope that everyone will be as excited as I am about this and want to share their favorite personal, as well as family, recipes.

Since I work slowly, my goal is to have it completed by next summer when two sides of my family have annual reunions. The jbook would be completed and ready to purchase. When I get ready to send to publishing, I will contact everyone again and request pre-orders.
signed Kathie"

So, please give Kathie Curtiss a hand here e-mail her now