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Sources in California


Because of my limited time this is meant only to help you find the record for yourself. These sources are in books, LDS microfilm, National Archives microfilm, and Internet sites. This page will contain the source; place name, submitters name, and an extraction of enough data to be identifiable. For more data find the source or contact the submitter. I hope that these sources will be useful to you and that you will also share your own sightings.

Good luck.

  1. (Search at
    Database: 1790-1870 California Census Index)
    • 1870 CULVERHOUSE, Jerry Shasta County CA 462 Twp 1 Federal Pupulation Schedule
      See also CULVERHOUSE-L Archives Jan 13, 2000
      (Submitted by Sheridan)

  2. (Search at
    Database: Shasta County, California Census 1870)
    • 234-233 CULVERHOUSE, Jerry 38 M W Stage driver Tennessee
    • 234-233 CULVERHOUSE, Mary J. 22 F W Keep House Missouri
      See also CULVERHOUSE-L Archives Jan 13, 2000
      (Submitted by Sheridan)

  3. Web page Stage Driver's Monument. There is a Culverhouse listed on this monument
    (Submitted by Thoren)