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My name is Thoren Tolle Meyers. I have searched for many years for some trace of the ancestry of my William Culverhouse in the records before 1800. Another one of his descendants, Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky, has now actively picked up this search on the Internet. So far we have had only a little success. We are hoping that this web page will bring together those of us who have the very early Culverhouse name in our Family Tree. As I find them, or as you share them, I will try to put up links on this page that may be of help others

I don't personally research for Culverhouse descendants because my line from William Culverhouse became Tolle, when William's daughter Cloe Culverhouse married George Tolle Jr in 1807.

Besides William Culverhouse, who lived in the Loudoun and Fauquier County, Virginia area, there is a Thomas Wilmore Culverhouse in Granville County, North Carolina in the same time period. Many of his descendants have been traced south into Georgia.

I have tried to find a connection between our William Culverhouse of Virginia, and that North Carolina family, but, although they seem to be contemporaries, no evidence has been found so far to show any relationship.

If you have a Culverhouse in your family tree,
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